SynthFest 2023 - 7th October

We're excited to be returning to SynthFest where we'll be checking out the latest synthesizers, electronic instruments & gizmos to update our arsenal for another year of sonic exploration...

SynthFest - held this Saturday 7th October at the Octagon Centre in Sheffield -  has fast established itself as one of the UK's leading synth-centric events. Visitors can get hands-on with a huge number of quality synthesisers and audio gadgets, and chat with the creators under one roof. Apart from playing with the gear, SynthFest delivers a juicy line-up of seminars, Q&A sessions, and deals.

As with last year, we’ll be bringing down a hand-picked selection of some of our favourite synthesisers:



We’ll be showing a complete Telepathy system in action - an extremely versatile synthesis package consisting of six Telepathy synth modules and a Psychosis Stereo mixer, all contained within a 70Hp powered case. This powerful bundle can be a 6-voice polyphonic synthesiser, 6-voice drum machine or six individual voice synthesisers. It leverages its analogue synthesiser voice module to deliver a rich sound design experience, with extensive modulation options enabled by a multi-destination LFO and Envelope.

The bundle's digitally controlled full analogue path, featuring the Typhon VCO, filters, and VCA, allows for precise parameter adjustments, result in the signature warmth and presence Dreadbox is known for. Whether you're a musician or sound enthusiast, the Telepathy bundle's wide range of sonic capabilities provide a wide palette of sonic possibilities.


The Rebirth of a legend. Harnessing the original Synclavier II DSP engine's power and optimising it for modern production needs, Synclavier Regen is the latest digital synthesiser designed by Synclavier founder Cameron Jones. It boasts additive synthesis with control over 24 harmonics, subtractive synthesis, and sample playback, allowing users to layer up to 12 partials for intricate sound design. Loaded with content, it offers 250+ timbre presets, six artist timbre libraries, and exclusive sample collections.

The instrument supports polyphonic aftertouch, and MPE features dynamic effects on partials and provides a robust modulator section. Its user-friendly interface features a vivid colour screen and touch controls, while its high-fidelity audio outputs ensure top-notch sound quality.


This little-known gem is a meticulously crafted analogue polysynth from Argentina offering versatile and classic subtractive sound design. Featuring two multi-wave analogue oscillators, sub-oscillators, and hard sync capabilities, it offers a wide range of sonic possibilities. The instrument offers a smooth 24dB/oct ladder lowpass filter with resonance control and flexible modulation options through two ADSR envelopes and three multi-wave LFOs. Users can easily shape sounds with traditional modulation principles, supporting velocity, aftertouch, mod wheel, and MPE for each voice's independent pitch control and cutoff. The synth allows stereo panning to manipulate stereo spread and motion using an LFO. It also includes extensive preset storage, MIDI connectivity, USB-MIDI, CV inputs, and an external input for signal processing through its VCF. Overall, the GS Music e7 combines classic analogue synthesis with modern functionality, making it a powerful and versatile instrument for sound exploration and creation.


For all you ARP fans out there, we’ll be showing the Antonus 2600 Original Size and its complement Stepbrother sequencer. Antonus 2600 Original Size Edition is a meticulously crafted 1:1 recreation of the iconic ARP 2600 synthesiser, handbuilt in Spain by Antonus. Thanks to years of experience repairing ARP 2600 units and precise circuit replication, it faithfully reproduces the original's submodule architecture and sound. Each part has been carefully chosen using through-hole components to ensure an authentic classic sound while allowing easy servicing or modifications. This modernised version also features contemporary additions, such as MIDI and CV/Gate connectivity, along with two balanced inputs, offering versatility. It retains the Grey face panel and the 4012 transistor ladder filter design. At the same time, its long spring reverb has been adjusted to minimise static noises, ensuring a faithful recreation of the classic ARP 2600 experience. We think it’s the best 2600 recreation out there.


We’ll also exhibit a wide range of SOMA products, from the excellent Pulsar-23, Lyra-8 and Enner to the more recent (and rather beautiful) Terra. If you’re into the weird and wonderful world of esoteric sound design and forward-thinking instrument design, the Soma table is the place for you. 


Enjoy Electronics’ Godfather will also appear on our stand where you'll be able to hear what it’s capable of. This four-channel multi-FX unit will enchant and impress in equal measures.


As in previous years, we’ll showcase our Moon Modular 5U system for those who like muscular, big systems with large knobs.


We're also delighted to be able to show our Northern Light Modular Aurora Australis, a beast of a system that brings many Eurorack favourites to the world of Buchla systems and more. This complex system really is something special.


And with a nostalgic nod to the past, as flagbearer for the entire range (available @KMR) you'll be able to demo the uber-cute Mellotron Micro. A 25-note small format Digital Mellotron that combines the charm of the original with modern innovation, boasting over 100 of the classic Mellotron and Chamberlain samples, a two-octave keyboard, a vivid colour display, and hands-on controls for sound manipulation. While it's the smallest in a series of new Digital Mellotron machines, it still offers the same capabilities as its larger siblings, albeit with a fixed sound collection. These new Mellotron machines preserve the iconic sound of the originals while leaving behind issues like tape degradation and storage concerns, thanks to their use of digital source audio samples, marking a new chapter for this beloved instrument.




SynthFest has plenty to offer any synth aficionado – whether you’re a seasoned user or just starting out on your journey into synthesis. We look forward to seeing you at our booth where we’ll be riffing on synths till the speakers scream!