Access Virus TI2 Desktop

An innovative desktop synth module


This product is discontinued

Desktop version of Access Virus TI Synth

The Access Virus TI2 Desktop is a powerful and fully-featured desktop synth, using the Access Total Integration system.

Widely acclaimed, the Access Virus TI has been the synth of choice for some of the biggest acts on the planet, whether touring or recording, since they were first made.

Compact, with easily accessible parameters, the TI2 Desktop can be deceptive with its low profile and neat small footprint - sounds can be locked, sounds can be altered, sounds can be stored, shaped and processed in any way you think fit.

The Access Virus TI2 Desktop is capable of allocating 9 oscillators per voice, with a 32-step user-programmable arpeggiator, dual DSP processing, 64 presets, over 80 voices, 512 RAM patches and 26 banks of user-accessible 128 ROM patches. Tap Tempo facilities typically pick up in under three bars.

The TI desktop can even process a stereo input signal through its powerful sound shaping tools. Low latency figures and multiple oscillators mean that all the sounds you can think of arrive even quicker than before.

The Access Total Integration system is a clever approach that Access developed for the Virus TI2 to make life easier - something that was previously lacking when you had to integrate synths with DAWs.

Built to the highest standards and capable of immense audio creation, the Access Virus TI2 Desktop is on the top of its game.

Access Virus TI2 Desktop Overview:

  • Dual DSP system with over 80 stereo voices under average load. (Load depends on which oscillator / filter model has been chosen)
  • VirusControl VST and Apple Audio Unit Plug-for Mac OS X and Windows XP. The remote seamlessly integrates the Virus TI into your sequencer, making it feel just like a plug-in
  • The Virus TI's Audio and MIDI inputs and outputs can be used by the sequencer application as an audio and MIDI interface
  • The Virus TI is the first hardware synthesizer with sample-accurate timing and delay-compensated connection to your sequencer
  • WaveTable Oscillators for a completely new array of sounds. WaveTable and conventional Virus oscillators and filters can be mixed
  • HyperSaw oscillators with up to 9 sawtooths - each with parallel sub oscillator per voice (that's over 1800 stereo oscillators @100 voices!)
  • Independent delay and reverb for all 16 multi mode slots
  • 129 parallel effects. There is reverb and delay, chorus, phaser, ring modulator, distortion, 3 band EQ and the Analog Boost bass enhancer
  • 2 multi-mode filters (HP, LP, BP, BS) and the Analog Filter (modelled after the MiniMoog cascade filter with 6-24 dB Slope and self-oscillation)
  • Dedicated remote mode turns the Virus TI into an universal remote control for VST / AU plug-ins and external synthesizers.
  • 6 balanced outputs with +4 dB level and switchable soft limiting algorithm. Studio grade 192 khz D/A converters with S/PDIF digital I/O. 2x24 bit inputs. Surround sound capabilities
  • Tap tempo button. The algorithm is based on Access Sync Xtreme technology
  • Programmable arpeggiator pattern for every patch
  • Knobquantise for creating stepped controller movements. The stepping automatically syncs to the Virus clock or an incoming MIDI clock
  • 3 LFOs with 68 waveforms to choose from. 2 super fast ADSTR envelopes
  • Extended memory: 512 RAM patches and 2048 ROM patches (rewritable)
  • Adaptive control smoothing for jitter-free modulations on all important parameters.
  • New multi-mode with embedded patches
  • Compatible with USB 2.0 specifications, USB and High-Speed USB devices
  • Connectors on rear panel can be rotated for easy and convenient rack-mounting. The rack-mounting kit is included with the Virus TI Desktop
  • Mahogany-style wooden side panels
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