Tube Large Diaphragm Microphone

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Cardioid valve condenser microphone inspired by the C12 and includes 12AX7 Valve, Custom Shop TC-12 capsule

The ADK TC-12 is a fixed cardioid Class-A valve condenser microphone based on the original C12 mic, loved for its crystal clear sound and effortless presence and brilliant top end.

The ADK TC-12 features the ADK's Custom Shop TC-12 capsule, built to give incredible presence and air making your sound stand proudly in front of your mix. Ideal for lead vocals, this microphone will let your singer stand effortlessly forward even in dense arrangements.

The TC-12 Custom chassis imparts a classic vibe but its lower self-noise and higher SPL handling make it resolutely modern.

ADK TC-12 Tube Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Main Features:

  • Class A Valve Microphone
  • Hand-Assembled in USA
  • 12AX7 Euro Valve QC Tested in USA
  • 2 Oxygen Free XLR Cables both 3 and 7 pin

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