Tube Large Diaphragm Microphone

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Cardioid valve condenser microphone inspired by the M49 and includes 12AX7 Valve, Custom Shop TC-49 capsule

The ADK TC-49 is a fixed cardioid Class-A valve condenser microphone inspired by the classic M49. It captures a warm sound with a stunningly smooth top end.

The ADK TC-49 boasts the ADK's Custom Shop TC-49 capsule designed to provide a smooth, almost dark top-end which complements its full midrange and rich bottom end. A tribute to a great vintage microphone the TC-49 trought the use of ADK's TC Chassis, the TC-49 delivers resolutely modern performance where it matters most with lower self-noise and higher SPL handling.

ADK TC-251 Tube Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Main Features:

  • Class A Valve Microphone
  • >Hand-Assembled in USA
  • 12AX7 Euro Valve QC Tested in USA
  • 2 Oxygen Free XLR Cables both 3 and 7 pin

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