Antonus 2600 (Classic Grey)(B-Stock)

Semi-Modular Analogue Synthesizer

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Antonus take on the classic 2600 is a faithful replication of Alan R Pearlman's 1971 masterpiece, with circuitry that's accurate not only mechanically, but also sonically identical to the original,

An all discreet, through hole construction, semi modular analogue synthesizer that accurately replicates the sound, feel and nuances of the iconic Grey Faced ARP 2600


This B-Stock unit comes in original packaging, as new.

A full warranty of one year will be issued with this purchase.

Condition: EXCELLENT


At a glance

  • Through-hole, all discrete hand-built replica of the Grey-Faced ARP 2600
  • With Lawsuit Transistor Ladder Filter
  • 80% the size of an original ARP 2600
  • Includes the built-in speaker & spring reverb
  • Can be expanded with the Sidecar Eurorack case
  • And includes a full MIDI implementation and updated gate inputs

The Antonus 2600 is an all-discreet, through-hole construction, semi-modular analogue synthesizer that accurately replicates the sound, feel and nuances of the iconic Grey Faced ARP 2600.

Anyonus's 2600 is born out of a pure passion for the original 2600 synthesizer, Alan R Pealmans masterpiece synthesizer from 1971, is widely considered to be one of the best synths ever made, and Antonus closely followed the early circuitry to replicate this incredible machine faithfully.

Throughout its lifespan, the original 2600 underwent several revisions; the Antonus model 2600 is based on the original grey-faced revision, which includes the lawsuit transistor ladder filter design, which most consider to be the best revision ARP ever made.

The Antonus 2600 build has stayed true to the original circuitry, preserving all of the heart and soul of this remarkable instrument whilst also adding a few modern conveniences, like full MIDI implementation AND a revised gate system, meaning the synth can work with a wider variety of modular systems, sequencers and controllers.

Antonus also make a complimentary extension case to house a collection of Eurorack modules, above the Atonus or ARP 2600's call the sidecar, they also make a superb sequencing environment called the StepBrother, which also adds extra modulation and more CV possibilities.

Antonus 2600 is the closest thing to a real vintage 2600, built carefully by hand with pride and passion for the original, if you want to experience this wonderful synthesiser, without the vintage price-tag and with a smaller footprint, this is THE one to get.

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