Arturia Astrolab Open Box

61-key stage keyboard

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61-key stage keyboard with over 30 iconic instruments, more than 1,300 onboard presets, access to a vast sound library of up to 10,000 sounds, real-time interaction with advanced TAE and PHI modelling synthesis engines, seamless integration with Analog Lab Pro, and compatibility with the forthcoming Astrolab Connect app for iOS and Android into a single high-quality instrument designed for the professional musician.


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At a glance

  • 61-note semi-weighted keyboard
  • 10 sound engines: Virtual Analogue, Samples, Wavetable, FM, Granular, Physical modelling, Vector Synthesis, Harmonic, Phase distortion, Vocoder
  • Piano-size keys
  • Over 1300 in-built sounds from Arturia instruments
  • Up to 10.000 sounds via Arturia software
  • Navigation wheel & screen for easy browsing
  • 10 Preset Buttons for quick sound access
  • 4 macro controls for quick editing
  • 17 insert FX & dedicated Delay/Reverb
  • 4 dedicated knobs to control FX
  • Multis/Keyboard Split
  • MIDI i/o, audio input, and control pedal I/o
  • USB-C connection and USB-A host
  • Bluetooth audio and WiFi for wireless control
  • Arpeggiator, Looper, Chord & Scale modes

The Arturia Astrolab is a 61-key stage keyboard that breaks new ground in the music industry. Including over 30 iconic instruments from the V-Collection and beyond, this synthesiser offers musicians access to an unparalleled array of sounds. Boasting 1,300 onboard presets and the capability to tap into a library of up to 10,000 sounds, the Astrolab transforms the musical landscape.

Envision the creative freedom of layering a polyphonic MiniMoog with Pigments, enriched by stereo effects, and smoothly transitioning to a Jupiter-8 split with a CS-80 before diving into the resonant depths of an American grand acoustic piano. With Astrolab, musicians can achieve what once seemed unattainable, encapsulating the essence of a dream keyboard studio in a singular, high-quality instrument.

Superior Sound Technology

Astrolab distinguishes itself from other synthesisers using Arturia's acclaimed TAE and PHI modelling technologies rather than relying on sample-based sound engines. This approach ensures that musicians interact directly with the synthesis engines in real time, offering a level of realism and sound design versatility unparalleled in digital pianos and synthesisers. The result is a synthesis experience that combines incredible flexibility, fidelity, and sound quality.

Seamless Integration and Performance

Astrolab's innovative system architecture guarantees smooth integration with Analog Lab Pro. This feature enables musicians to seamlessly transition sounds crafted in the studio to live performance settings, utilising both the desktop application and the forthcoming Astrolab Connect app for iOS and Android. This integration exemplifies Astrolab's commitment to providing musicians the tools they need to realise their artistic visions on stage.

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