Avid Pro Tools Studio GET CURRENT [9938-30005-00]

Reinstatement of Pro Tools for users with an expired plan on their perpetual licence [9938-30005-00]

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DAW Software with 64-bit Architecture, Faster-than-real-time Bounce, and Avid Cloud Collaboration - Mac/PC AAX Native as well as 12 months of Annual Upgrade Plan. iLok Required.

At a glance

  • Industry-standard Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software for Mac and PC
  • 64-bit architecture unlocks serious processing power and massive session handling
  • Powerful audio engine provides superior memory management
  • Faster-than-real-time bounce to disk streamlines your workflow, frees up resources, and allows you to more easily collaborate with other production environments
  • Unified media engine natively supports multiple HD video formats for easier collaboration with Avid Media Composer and other media-production workflows
  • Utilize up to 96 voiceable tracks at 44.1/48kHz and up to 32 channels of simultaneous I/O
  • Over 70 bundled 64-bit plug-in processors, effects, and virtual instruments
  • Automatic delay compensation (up to 16,383 samples) provides tight mixing with minimal phase issues
  • Multitrack Beat Detective and Elastic Audio let you correct timing across all of your tracks
  • Clip Gain provides dynamic volume flexibility and increases integration with Media Composer
  • Enjoy hands-on mixing with full support for Artist Series and other EUCON-equipped control surfaces
  • Full time-code support with feet and frames rulers and 24-hour timeline support
  • Avid Cloud Collaboration and the Avid Marketplace let you connect and collaborate with other musicians 

Avid Pro Tools Studio 1-Year Updates & Support - GET CURRENT for users who have let their Pro Tools Annual Upgrade and Support plan expire.

Avid Pro Tools Studio is a powerful DAW for music and broadcast engineers providing the tools to compose, record, edit and mix audio.

Used by professionals worldwide, Avid Pro Tools goes even further in letting you achieve the best possible results in your work by enhancing the whole collaboration aspect of working in audio with the Avid Cloud Collaboration platform directly integrated seamlessly inside your DAW of choice. You can now create and share your work with like-minded artists directly from inside your DAW in real-time and offline collaboration. The Cloud Collaboration also lets you save and access your work anywhere from different platforms.

Pro Tools also comes with an Annual Upgrade Plan, which includes free upgrades throughout the support cover. In addition to free upgrades, the support plan gives you access to 24/7 access to Customer Care team to help you get the support you require at any time.

In addition to the new Avid Cloud Collaboration, Avid Marketplace lets you gain exposure and sell your work by publishing session files, stereo mixdowns or stems directly from your Pro Tools session. Combined with a new online Artist Community, which lets you create connections with the audio community, share your work publicly or privately and even sell your work.

In addition to the collaborative aspect of creation, Pro Tools is also a powerful platform in its own right with its superior Hardware integration and Avid Audio Engine and 64-bit performance giving far more processing power than previously available as well as great features such as Quick Punch Loop recording, A raft of high-quality virtual instruments. Editing is also a doddle with Elastic Time, Pitch, Offline plug-in rendering, and more. Pro Tools Automatic Delay Compensation and great plugins also make for a great mixing platform, which, combined with Avid's Pro mixing controls surfaces, provide an elegant and incredibly efficient workflow.

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