Cranborne Audio EC2 (B-Stock)

Two Channel Preamp, Signal Processor, and Dual Headphone Mixer

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Dual-channel mic/line preamp and headphone amp based on the award-winning Camden 500 mic preamp and 500R8 8-slot 500 Series Rack.


This B-Stock unit comes in original packaging, as new.

A full warranty of one year will be issued with this purchase.

Condition: EXCELLENT


At a glance

  • Two discrete Mic/Line/Hi-Z preamps with ‘Camden’
  • Fully-discrete, transformerless design
  • Two instances of ‘Mojo’ analogue saturation circuits
  • Two discrete headphone mixers with independent CH1, CH2, Aux Input, and Master level controls
  • Dual reference-quality, high-powered headphone amplifiers
  • Balanced XLR outputs and impedance balanced ¼” jack outputs for maximum connectivity into audio interfaces and other downstream equipment
  • Dedicated 1/4" ‘Link’ outputs for true instrument DI functionality and splitting instrument inputs to a backline amplifier
  • C.A.S.T OUT port for connecting Camden EC2 into 500R8/500ADAT
  • C.A.S.T IN port for connecting N22/N22H Cat 5 snakes to relocate Camden EC2 I/O elsewhere in the studio
  • External high-current 24v 1a power supply with latching connector
  • Designed and engineered in the United Kingdom

The Cranborne Audio EC2 is a dual-channel mic/line preamp and headphone amp based on the award-winning Camden 500 mic preamp and 500R8 8-slot 500 Series Rack.

With two “Camden” preamp housed in a 1U rack, the EC2 delivers the same sonic performance as the 500 Series module including its stunning low-noise and low-distortion as well as frequency and phase linearity at all gain settings.

Furthermore it boasts Cranborne’s Mojo analogue circuit which adds second or third-order harmonic and low-end reinforcement to mimic vintage transformer or valve-based equipment. The EC2’s Mojo saturation can also be employed on your mixes or as insert via the line input.

In addition, two reference-quality headphones with discrete line mixers provide direct monitoring of both preamps helping you when setting up microphones or create a zero-latency analogue monitor mix, using external sources via its Aux inputs.

The EC2 is also equipped with Cranborne’s unique C.A.S.T system which lets you distribute audio around the studio or stage using affordable CAT5 cable to transport balanced audio to and from other enabled C.A.S.T audio devices.

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