Cranborne Audio C.A.S.T Intro Bundle with FREE N22

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This Offer includes the Cranborne Audio C.A.S.T. Intro Bundle and a FREE N22. The Offer ends on the 31st of December 2023.

The Cranborne Audio C.A.S.T Intro Bundle is a comprehensive package that equips you with all the essential tools for initiating the connection of a studio to a C.A.S.T system. This bundle includes the following components: the N8 advanced audio distribution hub, an N22 breakout box, an N22H breakout box with a built-in headphone amp, and a pair of 10m Cat 6e networking cables.

With the Cranborne Audio C.A.S.T Intro Bundle, you'll experience a groundbreaking solution for cable management. This innovative system replaces the need for up to four XLR cables with just a single network cable (compatible with Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 7).

The C.A.S.T Intro Bundle offers exceptional versatility, whether working in a studio, live performance setting, or installing audio equipment. It significantly reduces cable clutter over distances of up to 100 meters while being a cost-effective alternative to traditional audio cables.

The Cranborne Audio N22 is a compact headphone amplifier and breakout box with compatibility with C.A.S.T. (Cat5 Audio System Transport), offering reference-grade audio performance.

With the Cranborne Audio N22, you can effortlessly route your audio signals among C.A.S.T.-enabled equipment using CAT 5 cables. Originally designed to interface seamlessly with the 500R8 and 500ADAT interfaces, the N22 also allows for connectivity with another N22 unit, transmitting a stereo mix to a live room or stage at distances of up to 100 meters.

Its compact dimensions and sturdy build make it an ideal tool for home and project studios, professional studio setups, and live performances.

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