Cranborne Audio C.A.S.T Intro Bundle with N22H

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This bundle includes the C.A.S.T. Intro Bundle and a discounted N22H. This offer ends on the 31st of December, 2023

The Cranborne Audio C.A.S.T Intro Bundle is a comprehensive package that equips you with everything needed to kickstart the connection of your studio to a C.A.S.T system. This bundle includes the N8 advanced audio distribution hub, an N22 breakout box, an N22H breakout box with a built-in headphone amp, and two 10-meter Cat 6e networking cables.

What sets the Cranborne Audio C.A.S.T Intro bundle apart is its innovative approach to cable management. It streamlines the process by using a single network cable (compatible with Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 7) to replace the need for up to four traditional XLR cables.

This bundle is an excellent fit for various applications in a studio, live performance setting, or audio installations. It excels at reducing cable clutter, even over substantial distances of up to 100 meters, while being a cost-effective alternative to traditional audio cables.

The Cranborne Audio N22H is a compact, top-tier headphone amplifier and breakout box boasting compatibility with C.A.S.T.

This device simplifies audio distribution between C.A.S.T-enabled equipment using cost-effective CAT 5 cables, allowing for transmission over distances of up to 100 meters, all while preserving pristine sound quality.

While its primary purpose is to connect seamlessly with the 500R8 and 500ADAT interfaces, the N22H also serves as a bridge to another N22 unit, enabling the transmission of a stereo mix to a live room or stage over distances of up to 100 meters.

The built-in headphone amplifier delivers exceptional performance for direct monitoring and can function independently through line output sources. Utilizing the same high-current design as the 500R8, it can be powered by a standard 9V battery or an external 9V power supply. The amplifier can drive any type of headphones thanks to its low 0.33 Ohm output impedance, providing up to 500mA of power with an exceptionally minimal distortion level (THD: 0.0003% at 1kHz) within the signal path.

With its compact form factor and robust construction, the N22H emerges as an ideal tool for home studios, project studios, professional studios, and live performances.

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