DPA 3511

Small diaphragm pencil condenser microphone

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Cardioid Standard Stereo A-B Kit.

At a glance

  • High SPL Capability - 158dB
  • Great for spot-miking on every kind of live music
  • Often used for A-B stereo recordings (pair), close-up work on acoustic guitar, grand piano, overheads, percussion, wind instruments and vocals

The DPA 3511 Cardioid Standard Stereo A-b Kit. Superb matched pair of 4011-TL Cardioid Microphones with important accessories.

The DPA 3511 is a complete stereo kit for a broad range of recording applications using two 4011-TL Cardioid Microphones, carefully matched within +/- 1 dB on frequency response, sensitivity and self-noise. These cardioids are exceptionally linear in their frequency response - also off-axis, giving you the natural experience. Several standard set-ups such as ORTF and XY are possible. The 4011-TL mics handle very high SPL and will therefore allow close placement as well as more distant. Often used for piano recordings of jazz or pop with a placement closer to the hammers or as overheads for drums. The kit includes 2 windscreens, 2 very effective shock mounts, a precision-crafted stereo boom for secure mounting of microphone pairs for A-B stereo recordings and a spacer to allow XY or ORTF stereo set-ups on the boom.

Includes the accessories:

  • 2 x UA0897 Shock Mount,
  • 2 x UA0896 Windscreen for 4011/12/15/16,
  • 1 x UA0836 Stereo Boom with Holders,
  • 1 x DUA0019 Spacer for Stereo Boom, 19 mm (0.75 in)
  • 2 x 4011-TL

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