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At a glance

  • Limited re-issue of Dreadbox’s now-iconic paraphonic analogue synthesizer ‘Erebus’ – limited to 200 units worldwide
  • Warmer and snappier than the original version
  • All-analogue circuitry
  • Two oscillators with two waveforms each
  • Independent glide/hard sync controls for each oscillator
  • Classic Dreadbox filtering - 2-pole 12db/octave pre-fed resonating low pass filter
  • Lo-Fi delay effect for expanding your sound
  • Create everything from basses to ethereal pads
  • CV I/O connectivity with 15 patch points
  • Onboard MIDI interface with three setting switches
  • LFO with an expanded range

The Dreadbox Erebus Reissue is an exact reproduction of Dreadbox's original all-analogue paraphonic synthesiser, with a few extra upgrades, such as better portability and the capacity to be racked taking up 42hp.

The Dreadbox Erebus has two powerful oscillators, each with two waveforms and 'Glide' and 'Hard Sync' function settings. You can shape your sound using the two-pole low-pass pre-fed filter and the ADSR/AR Amp envelope. The AR Amp envelope has also been improved over the original, delivering a snappier sound.

Building on the success of the original Erebus design, this limited re-issue takes it a step further, offering a warmer and more snappy overall sound. The Erebus is an essential tool for sound design and live music performance, with a straightforward interface that allows you to construct your sound with the turn of a few knobs. The famous Dreadbox filter comes back in the shape of a 2-pole 12db/octave pre-fed resonant low-pass filter, delivering a more edgy and aggressive sound than ordinary filters. When the resonance control is set to 100%, it can even self-oscillate.

There is also a plethora of modulation available, with a total of 18 patch points. Extras include a patchable sample and hold, a MIDI clock converter, direct audio inputs for the filter and VCA, and much more. 

The EREBUS is a duophonic synthesiser, which means it can generate chords by playing two notes independently or mixing a bottom line with a lead part. The synth also contains a semi-modular signal route, which allows you to re-configure it and build your bespoke modulations and audio paths. Because of its semi-modular process, the EREBUS can also connect with the Eurorack format, giving it an excellent location to begin your modular adventure.

The onboard lo-fi echo is still here. nothing changed; still just as dark, rich and deep as ever before, it adds a tonne of character to this synth. It's identifiable and makes the EREBUS every bit as sci-fi and textural as you'd expect.

The EREBUS is a modern classic, an iconic synth that sounds quite unlike anything that's preceded it or will come after it.

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