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At a glance

  • All Analogue Bass Synthesizer
  • Faithful Reproduction of the 2016 Hades
  • 1 Oscillator with 2 Sub Octaves and 2 Waveforms with PW control
  • 3-pole Resonating Low Pass Filter
  • 1 AD/RS envelope and a AR Amp Envelope
  • OTA Distortion
  • Wide Range Triangle LFO
  • 11 patch points
  • Compact, USB powered, Eurorack Format (42HP)

The Dreadbox Hades Reissue is an analogue bass desktop synthesizer with a single oscillator with two waveforms, two sub-octaves, a three-pole resonant filter, and a powerful distortion.

The new Dreadbox Hades semi-modular synthesizer is a faithful recreation of the original 2016 Hades unit. It boasts the same VCO architecture, comprising of a single oscillator offering a choice of Saw or Square waves the latter including Pulse width control, two sub-oscillators that fatten up to the sound. 

The VCF is also similar, using a 3-pole 18dB/octave resonant Low-pass filter design. The VCA is based on OTA designs and includes a simple Attack/Release design, while an OTA distortion control lets this small synthesizer roar like nothing else. 

New to this version are two additional patch points bringing the total to 11, including USB power capabilities. The chassis has also been modified, removing the wooden cheeks and allowing the Hades to be removed from its enclosure and fit directly in a Eurorack case to include as part of a more extensive Eurorack system if desired.

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