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The Dreadbox Lethargy Phase Shifter Pedal is an effect pedal designed for electric guitars and synths that includes eurorack patch compatibility.

The Dreadbox Lethargy is a phaser guitar pedal based on a fully analogue 8-stage OTA phase shifter with a choice a manual and LFO control or a blend of both. The LFO option offers a choice of Square and Triangle waves and has a very wide range from several seconds all the way into the audio range at 110Hz. 

The lethargy guitar pedal is a great way to add depth and movement to your instrument. It also works great as a vibrato effect.

The Lethargy guitar effect pedal is also ideal for modular synths enthusiasts thanks to its three patch points which allow controlling both the Manual and rate settings. the LFO Out lets you use the rate of the pedal to control your eurorack modular synth.

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