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At a glance

  • All Analog Synthesizer (except of the reverb)
  • 6 Voices Polyphony
  • Lush Digital Reverb (developed by Dreadbox)
  • 12 Envelopes and 7 LFOs (2 envelope/voice, 1LFO/voice + 1 generic LFO) > 6 different playing modes
  • 98 presets memory (49 factory and 49 user)
  • MIDI over USB or via DIN5 (with full CC In and Out documentation) > Compact , USB Powered for maximum portability
  • Durable, Metal Enclosure

The Dreadbox Nymphes is a compact analogue 6-voice polyphonic synthesizer with two envelopes per voice, one LFO per voice, 6 different playing modes and a memory of 98 presets.

The Dreadbox Nymphes is extremely compact and USB powered (requiring 5V 1000mA or more). Each voice includes a single VCO with waveforming, a sub oscillator and a noise generator as well as one LFO with a choice of five waveforms and has a wide frequency range that goes well into the audio range. Additional LFO features include key track, fade in and fade out. The VCF section includes a 24dB/oct Low Pass filter with resonance control and a 6dB/octave non-resonant HPF 

In addition, a general LFO (LFO 2) can be assigned to several parameters simultaneously with different amounts for each. It includes all the same features as the individual LFO. Furthermore, seven active Chords can be edited, modulated and stored with each of the 98 presets available. It also responds to Modulation Wheel, Velocity and Aftertouch (Monophonic) which can be assigned to several parameters simultaneously, all with different amounts for each one. A digital Reverb developed by Dreadbox is also provided providing lush reverberations.

The Nymphes is made of a durable metal enclosure and boasts a single mono jack, 1/8“ Headphone-out and a MIDI input via mini Jack.

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