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At a glance

  • 1x Analogue Oscillator with saw, square, -1 oct square sub and noise, plus PW control for square, level for noise and waveshape
  • Automatic tuning for the oscillator and fine-tuning control
  • Analog 24db Resonant Low pass filter with Oscillator FM and Noise FM and 6db High pass filter
  • Analog VCA
  • 1x LFO with Free/Key/Track/BPM/BPM Key modes, Fade in, Triangle/Saw/Ramp/Square/Random waveforms that are mapped to various parameters
  • 2x Envelopes, one dedicated to the VCA with Velocity control and one loopable for Low pass Filter, Pitch and PW
  • CV in a patch that can be mapped to all the basic parameters in parallel with dedicated amount for each parameter
  • MIDI in/out+through
  • CC in/out, Program Change in/out
  • Multitimbral Chaining functionality via MIDI up to 8 modules 16 presets
  • 10HP

The Dreadbox Telepathy is a versatile and powerful analogue synthesiser voice module aimed at the discerning eurorack enthusiast comprising 1 VCO with Sub and Noise, both LPF and HF VCF, an analogue VCA and a flexible LFO all in a compact 10HP module. 

The Dreadbox Telepathy delivers a deep and immersive sound design experience thanks to its comprehensive modulation options provided by the multi-destination LFO and Envelope. In addition, its digitally controlled full analogue path, comprising the Typhon VCO, 4-pole low pass / 2-pole high pass filters, and analogue VCA, guarantees precise parameter adjustments, resulting in the iconic warmth, presence, and distinct sound that Dreadbox is known for. Whether you're pursuing bass, lead, drum, or drone sounds, Telepathy's impressive range of sonic capabilities will captivate any musician or sound enthusiast.

Despite its compact 10hp size, this module integrates numerous useful and musical features, making it an excellent addition to small and large eurorack systems.

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