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The Erica Synths Drum Synthesizer LXR-02 is a digital drum machine designed in collaboration with Sonic Potions with six drum voices, a built-in sequencer and 30 tweakable parameters.

The Erica Synths Drum Synthesizer LXR-02 combines six voices including three multi-purpose drum voices, one Clap/Snare voice, an FM percussion and hi-hats each with dedicated parameters that can be tweaked for powerful sound shaping. Parameters control the Oscillator, amplitude envelope, FM, filter as well as transient generator and LFO. The result is an extremely flexible unit capable of generating a wide range of tones from the familiar analogue drum sounds to the more garish digital tones.

The LXR-02 has a powerful built-in 64-steps sequencer that offers flexible and intuitive controls. It boasts 7 tracks, one for each voice and an additional one for controlling the opening of the hi-hat. Each voice can be assigned its own length, offering a powerful way to create complex polyrhythms. The sequencer also provides the possibility of automating two-parameter changes for each step for further added movement and richness. Up to 64 patterns can be stored per song and up to 64 songs can be stored in one project creating a powerful system for live performance or in the studio.

A Performance mode adds further immediate controls, bringing functions like mute, manual rolls and more to the fore, for easy access to these crucial functions. A recording mode also allows recording changes during the performance. 

This powerful drum machine offers a great sound that fits any electronic music genre, delivering a punchy sound. A Global sample rate reduction allows for further tone shaping bring extreme sound decimation if desired. 

 The LXR-02 is a very powerful and flexible drum machine that will impress most electronic musicians. 

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