Gyraf G21 Infundibulum (B-Stock)

Passive Analogue Clipper

CAP2: 399917.0
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Three-band analogue soft-clipper using a unique parallel passive design and transformers to clip the signal and control dynamic peaks.


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At a glance

  • 3-band parallel analogue clipper
  • Entirely passive design
  • One overall Clipping circuit with pre-emphasis curves
  • Low-band Clipping frequency range: 35Hz-245Hz
  • Mid-band Clipping frequency range: 270Hz-2.70kHz or 235Hz or 18kHz
  • Shape and mode selection for mid and HF bands
  • 18dB/oct high-pass filter with selectable frequencies at 25Hz or 35Hz
  • Floating transformer balanced inputs and outputs

The Gyraf Audio Gyratec XXI Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum is a unique three-band parallel analogue soft-clipper meticulously crafted to control dynamic peaks in stereo mastering scenarios.

Distinguishing itself from conventional multi-band designs, the Gyratec XXI employs a parallel architecture, skillfully sidestepping phasing issues during the recombination stage. This innovative approach allocates each band to its dedicated clipping circuitry and channel, ensuring independent impact. Since clipping audio introduces harmonics, adjustments to one band significantly influence others. Consequently, the Gyratec XXI requires meticulous fine-tuning rather than being a simple "set and forget" unit.

The three bands each feature Frequency controls spanning 35Hz to 245Hz for the low band, 270Hz to 2.70kHz or 235Hz to 18kHz for the mid-band (depending on the selected "Shape"), and 3.3kHz to 15kHz. Additionally, level controls range from "Full" to "Out," with "Out" deactivating the clipper circuitry. Each band also incorporates a "Mode" function, altering the unit's behaviour for that band—shifting from subtractive EQ in "Cut" mode to clipping in "Clip" mode and hard bypass.

Beyond the 3-band Clipper circuitry, the Gyraf Audio Gyratec XXI showcases an overall clipping stage with a control for the clipping level and selectable threshold. The "Clip Range" control empowers users to choose a pre-emphasis curve for overall clipping, including linear White, 3dB/oct Pink, and 5dB/oct Red pre-clipping emphasis.

Augmenting its capabilities, the Gyraf Gyratec XXI integrates an 18dB/oct high-pass filter with selectable settings of 25dB or 35dB when engaged. This feature allows users to purify the incoming signal before subsequent processing. Embracing an entirely passive design, the Gyratec XXI leverages audio transformers to induce clipping, manipulating complex parallel impedance to influence the magnetic field of the transformers.

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