Heritage Audio OST-10 mk2 (B-stock)

500-series Chassis

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10 slot 500-series using On Slot Technology and had Link switch

The Heritage Audio OST-10 is a 10 slots 500-series using On Slot Technology and built-in link switch to connect adjacent slots.

The Heritage Audio OST-10 delivers power to each slot individually, with each slot using its own dedicated power supply linear regulation stage. This allows each module to be completely separated and perform at its optimum independently avoiding issues associated with sharing power between different modules. Phantom power is available via the chassis to work with preamps and condenser microphones.

Each slot has test LEDs to ensure proper power operation, and offers a maximum power capability of 400mA per rail per slot with an overall 1.6A per rail. The chassis is made of heavy gauge steel with an aluminium front panel and proudly sports Heritage’s typical RAF Blue Gray. 

The new Link feature lets you connect a slot to the next at the push of a button, removing the need for patch cables

Heritage Audio OST-10 500-series Chassis Features:

  • 10-slots 500-series Chassis with On Slot Technology
  • OST ensures proper power to each module independently from the others for optimum performance and isolation.
  • New link feature allows each channel to be linked to the next at the push of a button, no patch cables required!
  • Maximum 400mA Power per rail per slot
  • Overall Maximum Power: 1.6A
  • Heavy gauge steel chassis with aluminium front panel
  • Phantom Power
  • Widest possible range of compatibility with any 500 Series device made, including ‘power-hungry’ class A and vacuum tube designs.
  • Vertical architecture accommodates ‘double-wide’ modules.  
  • Heavy gauge steel chassis, rugged finish, proven, durable design.
  • All handmade in Spain at the Heritage Audio factory
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