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The 8801 puts the sound of the legendary Neve 88R console into a rack. Completely hand-built in the UK by Neve, it combines Classic Neve preamplifier and equalisation circuitry with incredible 88R-style dynamics processing. Options include Neve’s acclaimed A/D converter and Recall software for seamless DAW integration.


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The Neve 8801 gives you the sound of the legendary 88R console in a rack. The 8801 offers a classic Neve mic pre and the distinctive Neve EQ coupled with the incredible 88R style dynamics processor.

The truly groundbreaking Producer Pack delivers a front end with the quality and versatility to capture and enhance any performance that requires the distinctive Neve sound. The Neve mic pre is followed by hi pass and low pass filters, four bands of EQ, compressor, gate, dynamics side chain and insert point. The order of these facilities may be changed as the producer requires.

The filter section and/or the EQ section can be routed to the dynamics side chain to tailor the dynamics response on any input signal. An optional analogue to digital converter includes all standard sample rates to 192kHz and direct to DSD conversion. Neve Recall s/w can run on a PC or a Mac. This is an essential tool for creative flexibility, analogue outboard can now be used alongside workstations and their settings recalled whenever required. All the flexibility of a computer based system with the power and sound of genuine Neve technology.

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