Northern Light Modular hQP Quad Panner

Buchla-format Quadraphonic Panning module for Buchla 200 Series

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$427.00 ex VAT
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Half-size quadraphonic panning module with CV control for the Buchla 200 Series format.

At a glance

  • Panning module for quadraphonic performance
  • Manual offsets and CV controls
  • Master level control
  • The level CV is always positive, so it adds volume to the start level set with the pot.
  • The pan CV will always go back to center with the same power the offset set, but inverted.
  • Level LEDs for all four channels indicate the volume of the combined offset and CV inputs
  • Pan law controlled by two MCUs

The Northern Light Modular Morphing Mixer Model HMM2 is an h-series four-channel mixer with VCA and a dedicated morphing section.

The Northern Light Modular Morphing Mixer Model HMM2 includes four audio inputs, four linear CV controlled VCAs and a dedicated Morpher output. The signal can be increased twice when turning the level from 12 o&rsquoclock all the way clockwise.

The Morphing Mixer can be used to mix several signals or cascade one single source up to 16x allowing for Buchla signals to be boosted to Eurorack levels or feed high impedance sources such as the 2SR or the clock detector for the 2OC.

The H-Series is half the height of a 1U 200 Series module and requires an h bracket to be mounted in a 1U space. Two h modules can be mounted in a 1U space.

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