Royer Labs R-122MKII 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Distressed Rose, Matched Pair

Active Ribbon Microphone

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Limited edition model featuring a unique "Distressed Rose" finish. It's recommended for various applications, from drum overheads to vocals, with versatile features like a high-pass filter and a 15dB pad. The R-122 was the world's first phantom-powered ribbon mic, and this special edition celebrates its enduring legacy with a once-in-a-lifetime finish. Whether used for recording or as a collectible, it's a distinctive and exceptional microphone.

At a glance

  • Limited edition "Distressed Rose" finish
  • Suitable for drum overheads, vocals, guitars, brass, and various instruments
  • High-pass filter with a 100 Hz cutoff
  • 15dB pad for high sound pressure level (SPL) applications
  • The world's first phantom-powered ribbon microphone
  • 25th-anniversary celebration of the R-122's legacy

The Royer R-122 MKII 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Matched Pair comprises two closely matched R-122 MkII ribbon microphones for stereo recordings.

The Royer R-122 MKII 25th Anniversary model is a ribbon microphone that pays tribute to the enduring legacy of the R-122. This special edition comprises a limited run of eighty R-122s, each meticulously crafted with our exclusive "Distressed Rose" finish. The Distressed Rose plating lends the microphone a captivating range of appearances, transitioning from a deep bourbon hue under subdued studio lighting or onstage to a luxurious rose tint when exposed to brighter illumination. The 25th Anniversary R-122 MKII remains faithful to the original design in every aspect, except for the exceptional and once-in-a-lifetime 25th Anniversary finish it boasts.

The Royer R-122 MKII is highly recommended for an array of applications, such as drum overheads and room miking, capturing the essence of both electric and acoustic guitars, brass instruments, pianos, violins, cellos, ukuleles, and any other acoustic stringed instruments, as well as percussion, vocals, and countless other scenarios. For situations where you desire reduced low-end or proximity effect, the high-pass switch is thoughtfully calibrated at 100 Hz, delivering a gentle 6dB per octave roll-off. When faced with high sound pressure level (SPL) situations, such as electric guitars and brass instruments, the 15dB pad feature ensures that the R-122 MKII's output is attenuated to match the performance of the R-121, allowing for a pristine signal path devoid of unwanted distortion.

The R-122 is the world's first phantom-powered ribbon microphone, combining the warm, silky performance characteristic of a top-tier ribbon microphone with a previously unattainable sensitivity level. Its introduction in 2002 made a resounding impact, quickly becoming one of our most sought-after microphones, second only to the flagship R-121. In 2015, we further enhanced the R-122 MKII by incorporating a high-pass filter and a 15dB pad, elevating its versatility to unparalleled heights as a ribbon microphone.

Whether you plan to employ it daily in your recording endeavours or cherish it as a valuable collectable, the R-122 Distressed Rose edition will stand out as one of the most distinctive-looking and exceptional-sounding microphones you'll ever possess.

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