Royer R-121 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Distressed Rose

Ribbon Microphone

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25th Anniversary edition of the legendary R121 ribbon microphone.

At a glance

  • Limited-Edition of the R-121 with “Distressed Rose” finish
  •  High SPL Capabilities
  •  No internal active electronics to overload or produce distortion up to maximum SPL rating
  • Extremely low residual noise
  • Ribbon element is not affected by heat or humidity
  • Absence of high frequency phase distortion
  • Equal sensitivity from front or back of element
  • Consistent frequency response regardless of distance
  • Available as matched pairs

The Royer R121 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Distressed Rose is a limited edition version of the renowned R121 microphone. With its stunning "Distressed Rose" finish, this microphone offers the same exceptional features and performance as the original R121. Limited to just 500 units, it has quickly become a sought-after choice among collectors and dedicated R121 enthusiasts.

Originally introduced in 1998, the R121 has solidified its status as a modern ribbon microphone, adored by studios worldwide. Its versatility extends to various instruments, including electric guitars, brass instruments, drums, pianos, acoustic guitars, violin, percussion, harp, cello, and more. The absence of internal active electronics allows the R121 to handle high sound pressure levels (SPL) and maintain an incredibly low residual noise, making it the perfect recording companion in various settings.

Featuring a figure-8 polar pattern and a 2.5-micron aluminium ribbon-generating element, the R121 Distressed Rose incorporates rare earth neodymium magnets. It delivers a frequency response of 30 - 15,000 Hz (+/- 3 dB) and boasts a sensitivity of -50 dBv Re. 1v/pa. With a maximum SPL exceeding 135 dB at 20 Hz and an output impedance of 300 Ohms at 1K (nominal), this microphone guarantees exceptional sound quality and outstanding durability.

In summary, the Royer R121 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Distressed Rose is essential for discerning collectors and studios seeking a high-quality ribbon microphone with an exclusive and stylish finish.

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