Solid State Logic SSL LMC+ Compressor 500 Series Module

500 Series Listen Mic Compressor with Filters

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Enhanced 500 Series adaptation of the famous Solid State Logic Listen Mic Compressor. Includes Hi and Low pass filters, Wet/Dry Blend knob, Scoop and Split functionalities.

The SSL LMC+ module for 500 Series, brings the legendary Solid State Logic Listen Mic Compressor to the 500 Series format with additional features


The SSL LMC+ Module takes on the famous Listen Mic Compressor of the legendary SSL4000E console which was used by some producers as ambient drum mics for their ability to crush and pump musically. The new version ported to the 500 Series format brings additional features such as the classic High Pass and Low Pass filters which can be used in the audio path or in the side chain path and a wet/dry blend control.


Two interesting features have also been added with a Scoop button which inverts the phase of the wet signal and a Split switch that engages a bandpass subtraction mode. These two new features add another level of tonal shaping adding tonal edge and a wide range of creative possibilities.


SSL LMC+ 500 Series Compressor Main Features:


  • Enhanced version of the classic SSL Listen Mic Compressor
  • from the legendary SL4000E console
  • Fixed attack and release curves ideal for use on ambient drums mics
  • SSL High Pass and Low Pass filters
  • Filters to compressor side chain feature
  • Wet/dry blend control
  • 'Scoop' button that phase inverts the wet signal
  • 'Split'button engages a bandpass subtraction mode

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