Solid State Logic SSL SiX (B-Stock)

DAW Controller

CAP2: 82833.0
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The Solid State Logic SiX is a six-channel small-format analogue mixer with two Superanalogue mic preamp two band EQs and compression based on SSL’s large consoles

The Solid State Logic SiX provides the quality associated with SSL in a compact format with two mono channels with SSL’s Superanalogue mic preamps which, provide up to 66dB of gain. These channels also include phantom power, 75Hz high-pass filters and separate line-level input which can be switched to instrument level inputs with high impedance.

Furthermore, these two channels boast a two-band SSL EQ with selectable shelf or bell curves and dedicated frequency points chosen for their musicality and versatility. A new feed-back compressor is also provided with a fixed 4:1 ratio and program-dependent attack and fixed release time.

Unlike other small-format mixers, the SSL SiX uses high-quality 100mm faders with a special law to provide the best control over the most useable gain range, making gain staging far easier than with rotary controls or small faders.

In addition to the mono channels, the SiX includes two stereo inputs with a trim volume ranging between -10 to +20 for line level sources to accommodate line-level sources such as synthesizers or interface output.

In typical Solid State Logic fashion, the SiX sports its legendary G-series buss compressor on the main outputs, using the exact same circuit as the legendary consoles but with a fixed ratio, attack and release times and more modern VCA chips. It will provide much of the SSL glue and snap associated with mixing on an SSL console.

A comprehensive monitoring section is also provided with two foldback buses for artists with individual level and pan controls, simple controls such as Main and Alternate mixes, Mono Sum, dim and cut all easily accessible from the front-panel. A talkback input is also provided and boasts the infamous Listen Mic Compressor, which provides this unmistakable crunchy compression made famous by Hugh Padgham and Phil Collins.

The SiX surpasses every other small-format mixer in performance ensuring increased gain and proper channel and left/right level matching.

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