Tegeler Vocal Leveler (B-stock)

500 Series Compressor

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This B-Stock unit comes in original packaging, as new.

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Condition: EXCELLENT


The Tegeler Audio Vocal Leveler is a single-channel Opto compressor taken from the Vari Tube Recording Channel and adapted to the 500 series format. 

The Tegeler Audio Vocal Leveler offers a simple control layout consisting of Gain Reduction and Output level control knobs and a time-constant three-way toggle switch. The time constant switch offers a choice between Slow and fast settings as well as an auto setting for program-dependent behaviour. A large VU meter is also provided to show the amount of gain reduction. A second toggle switch serves as a bypass in/out as well as a link when two units are connected together.

 As the name suggests, the Vocal Leveler delivers a stunning performance on vocals with an open and analogue sound while maintaining your sound consistent and upfront. It also works great on bass and other instruments.

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