Trinnov NOVA processor

Room Correction and Monitoring Solution

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At a glance

  • Contains enough I/O to cover stereo to 5.1 monitoring, complete with bass management
  • 8 channels of Dante connectivity provides low-latency, bi-directional digital audio via 2 ethernet ports
  • ESS Sabre DAC offers accurate, crystal-clear sound
  • 2 channels of Trinnov's industry-renowned Loudspeaker/Room Optimizer processing
  • Upgradeable up to 6 channels of Optimizer processing
  • Modern web interface with built-in help and an easy-to-navigate menu structure
  • Connect, align, and seamlessly switch between sources and multiple sets of monitors, regardless of format or connection
  • EUCON compliant and fully compatible with Trinnov's La Remote

Loudspeaker / Room Optimiser

NOVA’s main feature is Trinnov’s room correction and acoustic optimization technology, which can process and optimize up to 6 speakers, including bass management.

Monitor Controller

Nova is not just a digital acoustic processor, it’s also a comprehensive monitor controller. Seamlessly switch between analogue and digital sources and multiple speaker sets, regardless of their format or connection. You can also create your own downmix profiles to check your mixes' phase and mono compatibility.

Audio Interface

With fully integrated DANTE audio over IP i/o, NOVA can be your audio interface for direct DAW-to-monitoring integration with 8 inputs and 8 outputs to and from your DAW.

High-Quality I/O

NOVA has a comprehensive set of I/O to connect all your equipment in analogue, digital, or even Dante. Trinnov’s latest DAC and ADC deliver crisp signals and integrated headphone output to your monitors.

Upgradable from to 2 to 6 channels

With a simple licensing system, NOVA is upgradeable, allowing you to increase the optimised outputs from the base model of 2 channels, up to 4 or 6 channels. 


This Product requires the Trinnov NOVA 3D measurement Microphone ethercon to function.

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