Used API 3124+

4 Way Mic Pre

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4 x API 312 pres in a 1U rack. Each channel has phase, 48V, pad, meter, DI (470 Kohm), and gain.


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The API 3124+ is a 1U rack-mounted discrete 4 channel microphone and line preamp.

Deceptively simple in layout, the API 3124+ exudes its heritage and quality from the first moment. A legend in the recording business since the Sixties, API has garnered and maintained a reputation for the best-sounding hardest working consoles and modules to be found. By concentrating on the things that matter most, API has built the 3124+ to be able to live up to previous successes.

Using high-spec components only previously available in their other product lines, such as their consoles and EQs, the API 3124+ allows up to 65dB of gain - plenty of headroom, no matter what you plug through it. Being both a microphone and line preamp means that the 3124+ also makes an excellent DI box - a dual use that is sure to find favour, no matter what size studio you are set up in.

With a rotary level knob, a Pad, Phantom, Phase and Mic/Line selector, the front panel of the API 3124+ is kept clear of all but the essentials. It is a compact, uncluttered unit that will do its job efficiently and well for years to come.

API 3124+ Overview:
• Uses API 2520 Op Amps
• Classic API console circuit
• Four female XLR mic inputs
• Four front panel 1/4" Hi Z instrument inputs
• Front panel polarity switches
• Front panel -20dB pad switches
• Front panel mic/instrument switches
• Front panel 48V power switches
• Outputs clip at +28dBu

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