Hydrasynth Launch Event at KMR Audio!

We are exceptionally pleased to announce that we'll be hosting the ASM Hydrasynth Launch Event, in conjunction with our friends from Source Distribution at KMR Audio on the 12th of December 2019. From 3pm to 7pm we'll be giving presentations and demonstrating the Hydrasynth, letting you get a detailed explanation of what the machine is, what it can do and why it's so very very special. The demo's will be deep dives into exploring the sonic capabilities of the synth and giving practical demonstrations of how to use it's myriad of features on real world productions and performances. Doors open at 3pm - Hydrasynth presentations will run from 15:30 to 6pm. Ashun Sound Machines Keyboard Ashun Sound Machines unveiled their first synthesizer to the world Hydrasynth, this year at Knobcon in Chicago, it's deeply programmable, versatile, unique synthesis architecture and UI is quite unlike anything else on the market and it's been causing quite a stir in the synth community. Hydrasynth is a the brainchild of synthesis designer Glen Darcy, who has been involved in some of the synthesizer industries greatest success stories, his years of experience have allowed him to refine his ideas down to deliver an affordable, excellent polyphonic wavetable synth.
You'll also have the chance to try out our lovely Moog System IIIP and get the worlds first public listening test of the brand new Genelec ONE Series speakers, the later of which will be available to demo all day should synths not quite be your foray :) The Moog IIIP is a powerhouse legacy modular system, that is part of Moog's revered modular re-issue lineup, with real 901a oscillators and a collection of modules that invite exploration and deliver sonic excellence. This system is IN STOCK and on DEMO and we invite you down to come and have go of this incredible, once in a lifetime synthesizer! We're incredibly excited to host this event and look forward to seeing everyone here, drinks and nibbles will be provided. Moog IIIP