Malcolm Toft PUNISHR

Malcolm Toft PUNISHR

£540.83 ex VAT
Heritage Audio OST-4 2.0 front

Heritage Audio OST-4 mk2

£262.50 ex VAT
Retro Instruments Doublewide II (Main)

Retro Instruments Doublewide II

£950.00 ex VAT

Neve 1073LB EQ

£735.00 ex VAT
Fredenstein Bento 6S

Fredenstein Bento 6S

£274.17 ex VAT
Malcolm Toft PUNISHR B-Stock

Malcolm Toft PUNISHR B-Stock

£457.50 ex VAT
Cranborne Audio Carnaby 500

Cranborne Audio Carnaby 500

£415.83 ex VAT
Warm Audio Tone Beast TB12-500 Mic Preamp 500-series

Warm Audio TB12-500

£515.00 ex VAT
Tree Audio Tree Pre

Tree Audio Pre (500 Series)

£875.00 ex VAT
TK Audio MB1 Mini Blender

TK Audio MB1 Mini Blender

£357.50 ex VAT
SPL BIG 500 Series Stereo Processor module

SPL BiG Stereo Image Bigger Maker

£381.67 ex VAT
H2 Audio 5011

H2 Audio Helios 5011 500-Series EQ

£832.50 ex VAT
Fredenstein Bento 6S Black

Fredenstein Bento 6S - Black

£290.83 ex VAT
DAV Electronics BG501 Mic Preamp - Front

DAV Electronics BG501

£240.83 ex VAT
Crane Song Syren Mic-Preamp - Front

Crane Song Syren

£1,165.83 ex VAT
Crane Song Falcon 500-Series - Front

Crane Song Falcon

£1,207.50 ex VAT
Chandler TG2-500 - Front

Chandler TG2-500

£874.17 ex VAT
API 512V Front

API 512V Mono Mic/Line Pre

£829.17 ex VAT
API 500-8B 8 Slot Lunchbox Front

API 500-8B Lunchbox 8-Slot

£357.50 ex VAT

A small revolution happened a few years ago when API Audio decided to open up its very popular 500 series format to the industry.

The 500 Series is a modular audio system introduced in the late 1990s by API Audio. It consists of a rack-mounted chassis that can accommodate multiple 500-series modules, which are individual pieces of analogue audio processing equipment. Each module is designed to perform a specific function, such as mic preamplification, equalisation, compression, or reverb, and can be easily swapped in and out of the rack.

The 500 Series has become popular among audio engineers and producers due to its compact size, flexibility, and high-quality sound. It allows users to customise their signal chain by mixing and matching different modules from various manufacturers and is often used in recording studios, live sound reinforcement, and broadcast applications.

Whilst the 500 series in concept is actually taken directly from their console line, this has led to not quite a replacement but certainly an augmentation from pure rack processors to power supply-less modules. Because the power is already provided and the modules are small, they can be cheaper than their rackmount equivalents.

You can have a Neve Mic-pre, FET, VCA or OPTO compressor and an API EQ all in the same housing for a fraction of these processors' cost as rack units. This has opened up serious recording to even more people and, once again, increased the sonic palette available. Pretty much every processor and style of sound is available for the 500 series.

High-Quality Mic-Preamps, Tube mic-pres, Tube compressors, Fairchild style compressors and all types of EQ: Parametric, Graphic and Pultec circuits. Then there are Filters, Headphone Amps, De-essers, and some AD/DA converters available in this format. 

There are sometimes compromises to be made, and the 'Is the 500-Series For Me' article covers many of the areas in question.

However, these compromises are, for the most part, accepted due to the fact they are much less expensive than comparable rackmount units and are often used as additions to already well-stocked racks. With thousands of empty 500 series slots, KMR has a wide selection for demos in your creative space.

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