Elysia Mpressor 500

500 Series Compressor

CAP2: 0 £565.00
£470.83 ex VAT
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Single Channel 500 series version of the powerful mpressor with Antilog, Auto-fast, Negative ratios and THD Boost

The elysia mpressor 500 is a single channel, 500 Series adaptation of one of the most flexible and powerful compressors ever made.

The elysia mpressor 500 uses the same Class-A circuit design and provides the same punch and clarity of the original unit with unique special features that push our perception of what compression does.

Like the original rack, the mpressor 500 boasts the Auto Fast time constant setting, Negative ratios, Anti-log as well as the unique gain reduction limiter, already provides incredible features that are not achievable with any other compressors, such as expansion even in extreme settings delay effects. The mpressor 500 sports a new THD boost, which adds signal colouration and saturations for a grittier sound.

The mpressor 500 sounds massive, and its innovative features make it a must-have in every studio looking for great and flexible compression.

elysia Mpressor Features:

  • Single channel 500 Series
  • 100% Class-A Topology - Expensive boutique sound rendered affordable
  • THD Boost - Harmonics for a grittier flavour
  • Auto Fast - Perfect attack in any situation
  • Anti Log - Instant pumping & breathing
  • Made in Germany

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