GC Audio Density 500 Series Compressor

500 Series Compressor

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Single-channel VCA compressor designed for the 500-series format.

At a glance

  • 500 Series VCA Compressor
  • Output transformer: Lundahl LL1585 High-end
  • Sound driven by gold contact mechanical or ultra-low R-On solid state relays

The GC Audio Density Compressor is a single-channel VCA compressor designed for the 500-series format.

The GC Audio Density Compressor uses a Lundahl LL1585 transformer to perform common mode rejection without adding distortion to the signal. It’s followed by a low-noise AD797s op-amp as recommended by THAT corporation to ensure optimal performance of the VCA.

Each capacitor was selected with great care. Each coupling and decoupling link has been optimised for an impulse response. Wima plastics are used for low values, while Nichicon Long Life low ESR electrolytic ensures high values.

A Lundahl high-level output transformer precedes a solid low-output impedance current generator stage in the output balancing stage. The transformer adds natural density and a sense of proximity.

The Front panel is separated from the audio path, with each switch operating gold contact mechanical relays or ultra-low R-On solid-state relays.

As a result, the compressor is responsive, quiet, and full of character.

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