Malcolm Toft PUNISHR

500 Series Harmonic Saturation Processor

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500 series analogue harmonic saturation module with four powerful tonal shaping processing paths

"Controllable carnage is the name of the game, but the PUNISHR can do warmth and subtlety too"

Neil 'Bugs' Rogers - Half-ton Studios, Sound On Sound

At a glance

  • Analogue Harmonic Saturation Module
  • 4 Tonal Shaping Processing Paths
  • 3 Different types of distortion
  • Automatic gain levelling circuitry
  • 1970’s inspired shelving EQ
  • SUM mode feeds the input to all 3 Distortion Circuits simultaneously

What we think

The PUNISHR was conceived when the world was in lockdown by Engineer Nick Mitchell and Audio Designer Malcolm Toft. Between them they've created a flexible, high quality analogue harmonic distortion device - suitable for adding sonic mayhem or subtle warmth whilst tracking or mixing. The EQ and filters allow you to sculpt pre or post the extra harmonics - adding energy to lifeless audio.

The Malcolm Toft PUNISHR is an analogue harmonic saturation module for the 500 Series with four powerful tonal shaping processing.

The PUNISHR includes three different saturation paths that can be combined to create all kinds of sonic enhancements or agressive destruction. A two-band EQ, based on Toft 1970's inspired circuits, deliver a powerful way to place the tone in a mix and can be placed pre or post-the three saturation paths.

Feel the crunch

With a choice of Symmetrical, Asymmetrical and Iron (Transformer) Saturation in any combination, the PUNISHR offers powerful ways to make the source stand out. Each mode includes a dedicated IN control to engage or bypass each section so you can hear what each circuit contributes to the final result.

All saturation elements include a dedicated level control knob.

Not Just Distortion 

Despite what its name suggests, the PUNISHR is designed not only for sonic mayhem but also to bring life, motion and excitement to otherwise dull sources, helping to add depth to sometimes over compressed samples, or lifeless recordings.

The PUNISHR includes a two-band EQ inspired by Malcolm's 1970's EQ designs, providing simple powerful tone-shaping capabilities. Both shelf bands include a single frequency point (100Hz/8kHz) and can be placed pre- or post-distortion for added versatility and have been chosen to enhance the analogue distortion circuits in the unit.

Furthermore, it includes sweepable full-range high-pass and low-pass filters to help focus the distortion within a mix and an overall Wet/Dry mix control.

Clever Layout

The PUNISHR offers incredible features in a single-slot 500 Series module with useful and innovative features. First is its unique SUM function that allows all three distortions to be simultaneous. It also includes an automatic gain circuit ensuring the output signal remains constant even when a lot of distortion is being added!

This unit is incredibly powerful and works wonders on drums, vocals, guitars, bass, synthesizers, or an entire mix. It adds energy and bite to software instruments and samples or whilst tracking instruments or printing tracks.

The layout is similar to the flow of a console channel and takes no time at all to understand teh signal flow, and how powerful and flexible the PUNISHR can be.

Free Session-Recall software

There is a FREE Session-Recall software with each PUNISHR if you use code : SR-PUNISHR


  • Analogue Harmonic Saturation Module 
  • 4 Tonal Shaping Processing Paths
  • 3 Different types of saturation : SYM, ASYM and IRON 
  • SYM : Symmetrical distortion - where both sides of the waveform are clipped
  • ASYM : Asymmetrical distortion - where only one side of the waveform is clipped
  • IRON : Iron Transformer Saturation
  • Input Drive LED designed to illuminate when a steady signal (or tone) reaches 0dbm
  • Individual Bypass LED switches and Level control for each Distortion Circuit
  • Automatic gain levelling circuitry
  • 1970’s inspired shelving EQ at 100hz and 8kh
  • Sweepable High Pass Filter from 30Hz to 350Hz
  • Sweepable Low Pass Filter from 1.5kHz to 20 kHz
  • Smooth 12db per octave Musical Filter Slopes
  • EQ/Filter circuit can be placed Pre or Post the Distortion Circuits
  • SUM mode feeds the input to all 3 Distortion Circuits simultaneously
  • Overall continuously variable Dry / Wet Mix Control
  • Made in the UK
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