Kodamo EssenceFM Now Available!

The Kodamo EssenceFM is now available and we're extremely happy to announce that we're going to be the UK Exclusive retailer for this pretty incredible FM Synthesizer. We first saw the EssenceFM about a year ago in a teaser, where the specs, the UI and synthesis potential were all gently hinted at. Roll on a few months and details started to emerge on exactly how this impressively spec'd machine was going to deliver what it had promised, which for the sake of clarity is;
  • 300 voice polyphony
  • Effortless, yet deep FM / VFM programming
  • 6-operator FM with multiple algorithms
  • Multi-timrbality
  • Advanced touchscreen interface
  • Multiple audio routing options
  • Deep MIDI control over USB, Ethernet AppleMIDI and MIDI Din
  • Plus a whole lot more....
To say that the Kodamo Essence FM is powerful is somewhat of an understatement. With 6-operators, 300 total voices and what can only be described as a substantial modulation section (11 sources, 20 destinations), this synth can be used to form an endless array of complex tones, instruments and performances, whilst giving you the endless depth and sonic prowess you'd expect from an FM synth of this ilk. EssenceFM is built like a tank, with a 24-bit DAC, isolated analogue circuitry, ALPS pots, Bourns rotary encoders, Kailh back-lit switches, high quality multi-touch 7" IPS display, multiple audio outputs all housed in an incredibly well built chassis, that can either be used in a desktop or rack mount setting. The user interface is easy to use, understand and program, letting you make quick, well informed sound design choices and removing the guesswork from what you're trying to achieve (unlike some FM synths I can think of). We're really excited to have Kodamo EssenceFM as part of our ever growing catalogue of synthesizers and can't wait to see what amazing things / slap bass sounds people will cook up with it. Full review coming later this year! Watch this space! For more information about the Kodamo EssenceFM, speak to our synthesizer specialist Tom Lewis