Musikmesse 2015...The Best Bits

So Musikmesse 2015 has just finished, and whilst many are nursing headaches from logistical equipment moving nightmares ( and hangovers ) others, before the dust has even settled, are already picking through the pieces and seeing what exciting news, equipment and changes are now out there. We're no different! - this is a roundup of what we felt to be the ‘best bits’ for those unable to make the show, and a little re-fresh for those who did. It was a great event and KMR AUDIO would like to thank all those who visited our booth this year, we really appreciated it !

Studio Monitors

Focal Professional showed the next step in the SM6 product range their new 3-way Focal Trio6 Be : FOCAL Trio6 Be Unity Audio released the Unity Audio Super Rock monitor, which sits between their Rock Mk2 and Boulder Mk2 : Unity Audio Super Rock whilst Barefoot Sound had their new MicroMain45 : Barefoot Micro Main 45 ATC were showing their new SCM45A SL Pro alongside the new updated SCM20A SL Pro : ATC SCM45A Pro Amphion were showing the new Amphion BaseOne25 LF Extension System alongside the rest of their excellent range designed to turn a two-way Amphion speaker system into a full 3-way system : Amphion-Baseone25

A/D and D/A Convertors

Universal Audio created a big impact with their new internally improved and outwardly colour changed Apollo convertors, with a new Apollo 8P Thunderbolt 8 Channel preamp version now available : apollo_8p_back_hq Universal Audio 8P Apollo Adding more preamps to convertors seemed to be a theme with Antelope Audio showing their MP8D featuring 8 channels of Class-A micpres and A/D Conversion : Antelope Audio MP8D Audient launched their ASP800 which has two 'retro' channels with HMX analog type harmonic control and a transformer option to add colour, all with 8 channels of A/D at a very competitive price point : AUDIENT ASP800 Dangerous Music released the Dangerous Convert-2 D/A which is also compatible with their Monitor ST/SR for remote switching as well as their renowned Audiophile quality conversion : Dangerous Music Convert-2

Studio Outboard

Hardware outboard was a-plenty with two new compressor / limiter offerings from Overstayer - the Overstayer Stereo Field Effect and the Overstayer Stereo Voltage Control both creating a buzz, as did the new DBC-20 Diode Bridge Compressor from Buzz Audio : Overstayer and Buzz audio Tube-Tech were showing the Tube-Tech HLT-2A a Stereo Shelving EQ and Tilt Filter which has been in design for a while : Tube-Tech HLT-2A Vertigo Sound had a new awesome Discrete Gyrator EQ in the design of the VSE-2, coming soon : Vertigo Audio VSE-2 Drawmer had a keenly priced FET compressor in the Drawmer 1978 featuring harmonic control, variety of modes and compression mix blend, which should be in production next month : Drawmer 1978 compressor Roger Schult had the world's biggest lunchbox ( custom orders only currently! ) - as well as some updated 500-series modules in the W2395 and W2377 filters : Roger Schult Roger Schult W2395 KUSH Audio had the eagerly awaited Kush Audio Tweaker compressor alongside the rest of their range : Kush Audio Tweaker Lindell Audio had the Paul Wolff designed WL-3 channel strip in a 500-series module : Lindell Audio WL-3 SPL had their SPL IRON Mastering Compressor on show..price to be confirmed : SPL IRON Mastering compressor Gryraf Audio were showing the catchy named Gyraf Audio Gyratec XX1 Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum, as well as other awesome pieces : Gyraf Audio Solid-State-Logic revealed two 500-series modules, one featuring the VHD Mic pre, and the other featuring their famous Listen Mic Compressor. The LMC and Filters have already been available in their VHD Input X-Rack Module but the 500-series version has a few new features allowing a little more flexibility with Mix, Split, SC and Scoop extras ( presumably designed with their XL- Desk users in mind ) here's the SSL LMC+ : SSL LMC 500 Series Module and Tree Audio had the Roots Valve Console with their Branch Channel strip : Tree Audio Roots Console

And Finally...

Korg have looked to the past when launching 3 ARP Re-issue keyboards under the ARP Odyssey name, with two ARP Limited Edition 1 and ARP Limited Edition 2 models available : ARP Odyssey ..whilst Steven Slate and Slate Pro Audio definitely looked to the future with their new Raven Z3 system. Based around 3 touch screens featuring the Raven MTX and MTi Raven touchscreen controllers. Custom furniture can be designed and the upcoming 2.5 Raven software has been developed for more compatibility with other DAW systems : CC2wBf1W0AAhB53.jpg-large So that's our round-up of 2015 Musikmesse, and no doubt there are many wonderful audio products that will filter through over this year, and we'll be looking and listening to them as they do! By Nick Mitchell