NAMM 2016 | Best Bits PART 2

NAMM 2016 Part2

NAMM | Best Bits PART 2

Roundup of some more gear from this year's NAMM 2016... NAMM 2016

KORG | Minilogue

Minilogue | Korg used NAMM to launch a brand new fully programmable polyphonic 4 voice analogue synth. The voice mode lets you choose various ways to use the voices, with a built in motion and 16-step sequencer. Featuring 2 VCO, 1VCF, 2EG, 1VCA and 1LFO with various modulation, and delay and a HPF. As well as being strikingly eye-catching and sonically attractive, the price is an appealing £435 inc vat. Korg Minilogue Korg Minilogue

BURL | B16 Mothership

B16 Mothership | Burl released a new 2-slot version of their B80 Mothership, their sought after class-A sounding convertor. This allows a more portable option and uses the same I/O cards as the B80 and can be configured in a variety of ways, 4 in 8 out, 8 input, 16 output etc. Their four digital boards are all compatible so you can use MADI, Digilink, Dante, Soundgrid and AES/EBU. Featuring the same BX1 Transformer on all the A/D channels this is one for serious consideration if the B80 is too large for your needs. Price £TBC BURL B16 Front BURL B16 Rear

ARTURIA | MatrixBrute

MatrixBrute | The NAMM show was awash with new synths and loads of new eurorack modules, but nothing caught us by surprise more than Arturia with the release of their new MatrixBrute. Featuring an exquisite layout and workflow the MatrixBrute is an all analog design with a further five analog effects, modulation matrix, three Brute oscillators, ladder filter and a Steiner-Parker filter all in a monster appearance. There is a step sequencer and arpeggiator with everything accessible from the front panel, no menus or multi-funtion buttons here! There are 4 Macro encoders which can be assigned to any of the modulation for instant hands-on performances and with mono, paraphonic and duo-split modes and the ability to store 256 sounds there isn't anything that Arturia haven't thought of. The NAMM version was still in pre-production with a few little tweaks to be had in the filter section, but one to look out for this year. Price £TBC Arturia MatrixBrute


OCX HD | Antelope Audio celebrated NAMM by releasing the new Isochrone OCX HD ten years after the launch of their original classic OCX crystal based clock was shown. The new OCX HD features their fourth generation AFC jitter management algorithm with a variety of clocking options allowing Word Clock input and Video Sync input as well as clock distribution with pul-up and pull-down rates. It can also be synced to their Atomic Clock the 10MX. With sample rate support of up to 768 kHz and output of 5 different sample rates, 4 x AES/EBU and 2 x S/PDIF with clocking outputs up to 192 kHz this is a great solution where the luxury of their Atomic Clock 10MX isn't required ( or feasible ). Price £1259 inc. vat Antelope OCX HD Antelope OCX HD Rear

ELYSIA |Anniversary Edition Vinyl Allstars

Vinyl Allstars | Elysia have done a commemorative limited edition of their complete range of 500 series modules and called them the Vinyl Allstars due to the front panels being made from real records. Elysia Vinyl These luxury 10 year anniversary editions will be the same price as the standard faceplate designs and will be on all their 500 units : karacter, nvelope, xfilter and xpressor. Elysia Allstars

AVID | Pro Tools 12.5

Pro Tools 12.5 | With AVID now promising their 5th upgrade within a year, version 12.5 looks to be the cloud collaboration they mentioned at previous shows, The main features are :
  • Work on projects in realtime with others or create offline and share updates directly
  • Revisions and files are synchronized automatically
  • Post projects to cloud storage space and invite others to collaborate.
  • Share MIDI and Audio Tracks and Mix Changes.
  • Communicate through text chat with collaborators.
  • Use Artist Community to share and promote your work
For more information about early access please visit : AVID ProTools 12.5 Whilst maybe not for everybody, with other file sharing platforms available, this may however provide a streamlined solution to collaboration and project workflow within the same environment. I look forward to seeing and using it in action. Pro Tools 12.5 By Nick Mitchell