NAMM 2017 | Part1

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NAMM 2017 | Part 1

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Solid-State-Logic | Sigma Delta V2.1

New from SSL is the updated Sigma Delta Plug-in software. The new 16-fader Sigma Delta16 plug-in now brings compatibility to Logic users and has an alternative view to single fader plug-in usage. Pans, Solo, Cut, Mono and mix-buss assignments can also be controlled via this new update. SSL Sigma Delta 2.1 There is an additional plug-in called Sigma Delta Mix Bus which allows automation and control of routing for the two mix busses and their insert points. Improved integration with Eucon enabled devices means sessions can be moved between their DAW mix and their Sigma mix from the same control surface. Due in February.

Maag | MAGNUM-K Compressor/EQ

New from Cliff Maag is the Maag MAGNUM-K rack featuring two compressor sections and Parallel EQ2 within one design. There is a Magnum Compressor and a K-Compressor a parallel EQ featuring their famous AIR BAND and a Soft Limit. There is a SideChain and all Stepped controls for easy recall. Being a departure from their already established and great sounding EQ and Mic Pre, we're intrigued to hear this new compressor in action! Price TBC Magnum_K_Straight_on_sRGB Magnum_K_closeup_left_sRGBMagnum_K_closeup_right_sRGB

Barefoot Sound | Footprint01

New from Barefoot Sound is a powered active 3-way nearfield monitor called the Footprint01 designed for those working in smaller spaces, but still require that Barefoot character on a smaller budget. Barefoot Footprint 01 Featuring the same quality, unique design and Barefoot sound, the Footprint01 is suitable for writing rooms, editing, smaller facilities or Post Production suites. UK Price TBC

AKAI | MPC X and MPC Live

New from AKAI Professional is their flagship desktop production tool the Akai MPC X. Featuring MPC 2.0 Software with multi-touch screen control above the familiar 16 Pads, 16GB of internal storage, two USB slots that can be used for connecting external Midi controllers, 16 touch sensitive assignable pots and high-resolution OLED displays. AKAI MPC X KMR AKAI MPC X Rear KMR Designed to work with or without a computer this is a real 'heart of the studio' product, allowing the running of VST plug-ins via a computer connection, but also including traditional RCA connectivity for turntables and onboard CV/Gate for the analog control of classic retro synths and modular kit. UK Price £1499 inc vat The Akai MPC Live is for those Producers and Musicians who may need to travel or use in a Live Situation. Don't let the size confuse, this is the most powerful MPC Akai have made alongside the MPC X, and is perfect for taking to sessions, or working on the road/live either standalone or with a computer controlling the 2.0 software. UK Price £820 inc vat MPC Live KMR MPCLIVE_rear_web_700x438

Meris | Ottobit Jr & Mercury 7

New from LA Based Meris are two pedals based upon their 500-series designs: the Bitcrusher Ottobit Jr and the Mercury 7 Reverb. The Ottobit Jr has stutter effects, a sequencer module, low pass filter and tap tempo, all controlled via MIDI or an expression pedal and has guitar, synth and line level switchable inputs. UK Price TBC Ottobit Jr KMR The Mercury 7 Pedal features their excellent Reverb, with Stereo i/o a choice between True Bypass or Buffered Bypass. The algorithms "have been hand crafted to deliver huge swirling ambience, modulation, auto-swells and shimmering pitch regeneration via its premium analogue signal path." This could easily be 'at home' on the studio rack top or pedalboard...we look forward to hearing it. UK Price TBC Maris Mercury 7 KMR

McDSP | EC-300 Echo Collection

New from McDSP is the EC-300 Echo Collection bringing three delay types: Magnetic, Digital and Analog with addition character modes, wow and flutter, in-loop filtering and saturation. Includes over 75 Synthetic Impulse Responses and will be available in AAX DSP/AAX Native, AU and VST. Coming soon Price £TBC McDSP EC-300 KMR McDSP EC-300 KMR McDSP EC-300 KMR

Tc Electronic | VSS3 Native Reverb

Not such a new Plug-in, but an old favourite from the TDM and Powercore days, the Tc Electronic VSS3 has now been ported over to Native AAX, AU and VST format. Originally taken from the System 6000, where it has been used in countless Films, Music and featuring within many Post Production suites. This was also popular with many original TDM/Tc Powercore users, and it's good to see (and hear) it back! ...I wonder if this means we're going to see soon the MD3 mastering and DVR2 Digital Reverb that was also available for those previously discontinued platforms? Price $199 ex-vat Tc VSS3 KMR

Slate Digital| The Virtual Recording Studio

Slate Digital have released The Virtual Recording Studio which they feel provides the best way of recording with their already successful Plug-ins but using a new Thunderbolt-equipped Audio Interface and Modelling Microphone the larger ML-1 and small ML-2. Based on the New VRS-8 Virtual Analog Interface alongside their Software, they feel this is a perfect 'ecosystem' with the sum of the parts creating a new recording environment. UK Price TBC - Due 2nd Quarter of 2017 Slate Virtual Studio