New SSL Mixer : SiX


New Mixer : Solid-State-Logic SiX

Solid-State-Logic have released what is at first glance a new small format mixer called SiX. However, dig a little deeper and there is more to this new little SSL than meets the eye ... KMR SSL-SiX fron SuperAnalogue Sound Six has a fully balanced signal path with the same sonic signature of the larger format Super Analogue consoles from SSL. Two SuperAnalogue Mic Preamps Six has two mono channels with SSL SuperAnalogue mic preamps, phantom power, 75Hz High Pass Filter and line level with switchable instrument input. New one-knob compressor A new one-knob compressor circuit has a program dependent attack time, a fixed release time and fixed ratio. New two-band EQ A new SSL two-band EQ which can be switched between shelf and bell curves 100mm Faders and inserts Full size 100mm faders, with each channel having a balanced insert point. Routing to bus A or Bus B allows you to provide individual artist foldback mixes or for other live uses. Stereo Line Level Inputs There are 2 stereo line level inputs, but by using the mono and stereo inputs and eternal inputs you can have up to 12 channels of summing into the main mix bus at mix down. SSL G Series Bus compressor The SSL G Series Bus compressor has been implemented on the main mix bus, using the same circuit as the larger format consoles, but has fixed ratio, attack and release settings. There are also main insert points on the mix bus for other hardware processing. Listen Mic Comp SiX has a tailback mic input and the famous Listen Mic Compressor which can be used for reprocessing should you want to recreate that 80's compressed drum sound from certain Mr Collins...

SiX front panel Overview

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