Cranborne Audio 500 Series Trade-in

Cranborne Audio are offering customers looking to replace their 500 series rack, a free Camden 500 mic preamp (worth £299) with the purchase of any 500ADAT or 500R8 rack when you trade in your old chassis.
This offer is a great way to expand the possibilities of your 500 series setup with a fresh and highly spec’d rack with world-class AD conversion, a summing mixer and extensive I/O routing and built-in monitoring with two independent headphone output. The 500ADAT connects directly to your AD converter via ADAT expanding the number of I/O and greatly reducing cable clutter. The 500R8 offers all the same functionalities but connects directly to your computer via USB. Qualifying chassis include:
  • API 500-6B
  • API 500-8B
  • API 500VPR
  • Black Lion Audio PBR-8
  • Fredentstein Bento 10
  • Fredenstein Bento 10DS
  • Fredenstein Bento 6
  • Fredenstein Bento 6DS
  • Heritage Audio MCM-8
  • Heritage Audio OST-10
  • Heritage Audio OST-6
  • IGS Audio Panzer
  • Lindell 510 Power MkII
  • Mercury Panzer 500
  • Radial Workhorse Powerhouse
  • Radial Workhorse SixPack
  • Radial Workhorse
  • Rupert Neve Design R10
  • Rupert Neve Design R6
  • more.... (if your chassis is not listed, please call us to verify eligibility)
Find out more information Click on the Links Below : Cranborne Audio 500ADAT and Cranborne Audio 500R8