Dreadbox White Line Eurorack Modules Annouced

Dreadbox White Line Modules News Header Greek synthesizer pioneers Dreadbox today announced a new range of eurorack modules due for release in November 2016. The new White Line is a series of utilitarian eurorack modules derived from the constituent parts of their incredibly popular semi-modular synthesizer line. The range includes all the modules required to build a full synthesizer voice and even includes some handy tools like dividers, multiples and attenuators. The complete range comprises of; Oscillator; a sawtooth core based VCO with three waveform outputs, PWM, sync plus fine tune and coarse tuning pots. Filter; an OTA based 2-pole 12DB per octave filter circuit derived from the EREBUS. Dual VCA; as it's name suggests a dual channel OTA based VCA, with two logarithmic channels. Envelope; an ADSR envelope with bi-polar voltage outputs and very cool sliders for the ADSR controls. LFO; a multi-wave LFO with CV controllable inputs and a wide operational range (up to 220hZ). Divider; a /2 and /4 frequency divider for adding square wave sub harmonics to any audio inputs. Can also be used as a clock divider. Random; a White noise generator and sample and hold generator, perfect for clocking and random modulation control. Reflector; a 1024-stage BBD delay derived from the Abyss synthesizer, perfect for Chorus, Flanger and Echos. Phaser; an all analogue phase shifter derived from one of the portions of the Abyss polysynth. Echo; a lo-fi digital echo circuit found in the EREBUS and Murmux synthesizers, with a range of 400-800ms Drive; an analogue drive circuit again derived from the Abyss polysynth, with CV controllable gain. Mixer; three independent 3-channel mixers, perfect for coupling a wide array of audio and modulation signals. Multiple; a multi-format audio or CV multiple, can be used as a 1-8 splitter, 2 x 1-5 splitter or a 1-3 splitter. Attenuator; 2-channel passive attenuator with exponential or logarithmic inputs.
Dreadbox White Line Cropped The complete White Line range, affordable modular at its finest.
In order to keep the modules cost effective, Dreadbox have opted for glass epoxy front panels, which is exceptionally hard wearing and cheaper for the guys to manufacture. With prices ranging from £109 to £29, the white line range is not only high quality but also highly affordable. There's no skimping on the build quality, everything even down to the multiples is crafted with care and precision. The perfect modules for any size of system or level of user perfect for beginners, complex enough for veterans. If you're getting in modular or need extra VCO's filters, EG's, effects or even multiples the White Line has everything you need. The White Line Modules are shipping in November, for more information, click online, visit us in store or call us today. By Tom Lewis