Get £300 Worth of FREE Expansions With Maschine Jam

Up until 04/06/2018 you can get an unbelievable £300 worth of world class sound expansions for FREE with a Maschine Jam comprising of 7 of their greatest hits, including;
  • Molten Veil
  • Lilac Glare
  • Lone Forest
  • Prismatic Bliss
  • Decoded Forms
  • Elastic Thump
  • Queensbridge Story
Jam makes a great companion to a Maschine MK3!!! Now is a great time to get your hands on a Maschine Jam and start making music, with the free expansion you'll be spoiled for content! With genre's ranging from hip-hop to atmospherics and more. This offer expires on 4th of June 2018 and is only valid on purchases of Maschine Jam, expansion are delivered to you upon registration. For more information about Native Instruments, please contact our in house NI Guru Li Daguerre.