KMR DEMO ROOM: Latest Video

In our latest KMR DEMO ROOM video, we put Dangerous Music Compressor through a range of source material. No talking, just audio...

The Dangerous Music Compressor is an ultra-transparent stereo bus compressor based on an innovative circuit developed by legendary designer Chris Muth. Its unique “Smart Dynamics” dual-slop detector treats transient peaks and average level separately, making modern compression levels easy to achieve while maintaining transparency - even at -20dB gain reduction.

Dangerous Compressor is packed with features while remaining very simple to use. Flexible side-chain circuitry offers Bass Cut to avoid unwanted triggering from low frequencies and Sibilance Boost to control excess sibilance and harsh HF content without post-compression hangover.

In this demo video, we run Dangerous Compressor over a range of different source material so you can see what it might do for your own tracks.


00:00 - Intro

00:05D&B Mix

01:10 - Drum

02:00 - Acoustic Guitar

03:00 - Soul Mix

04:06 - Technical Spec

For more information on Dangerous Music Compressor - CLICK HERE.