KMR DEMO ROOM: Latest Video

In our latest KMR DEMO ROOM video, we compare Solid State Logic FUSION and Rupert Neve Designs' Master Bus Transformer...

Solid State Logic FUSION and Rupert Neve Designs MASTER BUS TRANSFORMER (MBT) are two popular - and quite differently sounding - mix bus optimizers designed to add the finishing touches to your mixes.

In this A/B comparison video, we switch between the two processors on a variety of source material so you can judge how they may work on your own material.

** PLEASE NOTE ** As these units have different parameters this can't be a "scientifically" matched comparison. Instead, we have used our own judgement to set up each unit to sound its best on each track - much as you would do in your own studio if you had the units in front of you.


00:00 - Intro

00:05 - Soul Mix

01:03 - House Mix

01:57 - Country Mix

03:00 - Rock Mix

03:57 - Technical Specs


For more information on SSL Fusion - CLICK HERE.

For more information on Rupert Neve Designs MBT - CLICK HERE.