Limited Edition Moog SUBsequent 37 CV

Moog Subsequent 37 News Today at MoogFest 2017 Moog Music Inc. announced a limited edition, upgraded version of the now iconic Sub37: the Subsequent 37 CV. The original Sub37 has been much revered since it's release in 2014, boasting one of the most complex analogue architectures found in a keyboard format, with a classic Moog tone, big ballsy VCO's and modulation options that are usually reserved for modular systems. The Subsequent 37 CV takes all the features and quirks of the Sub37 and pushes it into new sonic territory.
SUBsequent 37 CV, rather pretty wouldn't you agree? SUBsequent 37 CV, rather pretty wouldn't you agree?
Limited to 2000 pieces worldwide, the Subsequent 37 CV as it's name implies includes more assignable CV connectivity, updated aluminium chassis, enhanced multidrive, more headroom on the mixer section so the VCO's have room to breathe, enhanced headphone output, plus an enhanced keybed for faster playability and more natural aftertouch. The extra CV and gate connectivity means there's greater scope for controlling and working with eurorack or larger format modular synthesizers, so there's even more sonic potential to hand. Coupled with the enhanced drive and mixer section, there's greater harmonic content and depth available on the Subsequent that hasn't been possible on any SUB series that precedes it.
Assignable CV and gate for your Eurorack world. Assignable CV and gate for your Eurorack world.
Subsequent37CV has also been updated with a new aluminium livery, a fresh look for a fresh take on an industry standard architecture. Limited to just 2000 units worldwide, be sure to secure yours now. KMR Author Button TomLewis