Moog System 3P Legacy Modular in stock and on demo!

We’re incredibly proud to announce that we have one of the most iconic modular systems ever conceived by Moog in stock and available to demo in stock, the incredible Moog IIIP. Moog announced in 2015 that they would be re-issuing select systems from their back catalogue, using the very same build techniques and components from the original systems that brought Moog and synthesizers as a whole to the forefront modern music creation. The process Moog underwent to bring these systems back involved years of research and development, studying Bob’s original schematics and circuit designs to create faithful, true to era modular systems that are exactly the same as the ones that left the Moog factory between the 1960’s and 1970’s. Each module is painstakingly handcrafted in Asheville North Carolina by seasoned electronics builders, with each individual module featuring old school silk printed PCB’s, with hand stuffed, through hole all discreet circuit design, NOS components and incredible attention to the finest of details. These are true collector’s pieces, representing the epitome of synthesizer design, delivering uncompromising sound quality and the very best build quality. If you’re interested in a Moog modular, then this is as good as Moog’s 900-series gets. The 3P is the performance friendly variant of the awe inspiring 3C, comprising of three Tolex cabinets that house some of the most sought after modules in Moog’s back catalogue. The R. A. Moog Synthesizer 3C as the name gently suggests was one of the third system revisions that Moog created, it was originally available between 1967-73, with the 3P portable version available between 1969 and 1973. Moog’s 3C was designed for larger commercial installations, since it’s architecture offers you an almost limitless potential for sound design and occupies a rather large footprint, upon the release of the 3C Moog started receiving requests for a more portable version of this powerhouse system, hence the birth of the IIIP in 1969.
Mark Dolenz, with the first ever IIIP. September 15th 1967.
Prior to the System 12’s release in 1972, all of Moogs modular systems used the (now highly sought after) 901 Oscillator circuit, which was later replaced by the 921. The original 901 circuits have a slightly fatter, wider and more-ish tonality mainly due to their inherent pitch instability; this was the oscillator circuit which Wendy Carlos utilized in her system for recording Switched on Bach and is regarded as the “musically superior” organic sounding circuit, with the 921’s having far superior tuning stability, but lacking that subtle drift of the 901’s. There are three distinct 901 circuits in the IIIP one of which comprises of two the aforementioned parts: the 901-A oscillator controller and the 901-B oscillator itself - there are 9 total 901B oscillators and 3 901A controllers in the IIIP plus the luxury 901 which features an onboard mixer for controlling levels of each waveform. This staggering VCO count alone it makes 3P one of the most sonically capable modular environments Moog have ever crafted, IIIP houses 38 modules in total, including:
  • 1 x 901 luxury oscillator
  • 1 x 903 random signal generator
  • 3 x 901A oscillator controller
  • 9 x 901B oscillators
  • 1 x 914 inductor based fixed filter bank
  • 1 x 904A voltage controlled low pass filter
  • 1 x 904B voltage controlled high pass filter
  • 1 x 904C filter coupler module
  • 1 x 905 spring reverb
  • 3 x 902 voltage controlled amplifiers
  • 3 x 911 envelope generators
  • 1 x 912 envelope follower
  • 1 x 984 four channel mixer
  • 4 x CP3 mixers
  • 1 x 994 multiples
  • 1 x fixed filter and attenuator
  • 1 x 992 control voltages
  • 1 x 993 trigger and envelope voltages
  • 1 x 911a dual trigger delay
  • 1 x CP1 controller output
Moog’s legacy re-issue systems are one of a kind, they sound, feel and behave quite unlike anything else you’ve ever laid your hands on, the immediacy and flexibility of their modular format invites experimentation and gives you a endless supply of tools to build your dream patches. Limited to just 25 units worldwide, the 3P is a true collector’s piece that’ll to fit into any studio or live workflow. For more information about this one of a kind synthesizer or to organise a demo, speak to our Synthesizer Specialist Tom Lewis The main features of the Moog System 3P include:
  • True to era legacy modular re-issue
  • Each module hand-built with attention to detail, using original schematics
  • Housed in three tolex road cases
  • 100% discreet, through hole construction
  • Limited to 25 units worldwide
  • Exclusive to KMR Audio in the UK