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It's April, so it's time to head to musikmesse in Frankfurt for a round-up of some of the new and upcoming audio products due in 2018. >

Bettermaker | Mastering EQ

Bettermaker have announced the release of a new Bettermaker Mastering Equalizer which has debuted this week alongside their current range of 500 modules and the excellent sounding Mastering Limiter. Featuring a 100% analogue signal path with touchscreen controls, HPF. LPF, Stereo, Dual-mono or M/S mode, 4 stereo parametric filters, as well as recallable editing via USB and their familiar DAW dedicated plug-in control. Due out in June 2018 UK pricing TBA. Bettermaker Mastering EQ


DRAWMER have released two new monitor controllers, the first the CMC3 is the hybrid of all that is good about the MC2.1, MC3.1 and the CMC2 compact design. The CMC7 is an 8 channel design suitable for 7.1 and 5.1 surround monitoring requirements. UK Pricing £TBA DRAWMER CMC3 DRAWMER CMC7

elysia | skuptor 500 micpre

elysia are showcasing their new skuptor 500 mic preamp, designed for sound shaping in the 500-series format. Featuring Class-A design throughout and Dual Sound Shaper with filters and harmonics, Low cut filter, Mic and DI input and dynamic compression section. UK Price £TBC elysia skuptor 500

Vertigo Sound | VSC-3 Compressor and VSE-2 Plug-in

Vertigo Sound have recently discontinued the VSC-2 and replaced it with the VSC-3 compressor. The Compressor still has the 4 VCA's and mastering grade signal path with an updated feature where the ratio increases with level in 'Soft' mode. Vertigo Sound VSC-3 New to the Vertigo range is the VSE-2 Plug-in version of the VSE-2 Gyrator Sound Hardware EQ. Early preliminary info only currently, one to watch!...price £TBC Vertigo VSE-2 Plug-in

Softube | Weiss DS1-MK3

Softube have created a line-by-line code port of the legendary Weiss DS1-MK3 mastering hardware processor into a plug-in format. This also includes the Weiss MM-1 intelligent Mastering Maximizer plug-in. Softube DS1-MK3

Line6 | EchoFarm

Line6 re-released Echo Farm earlier this year as version 3.0 for the Pro Tools AAX format, which obviously was great for all of us wanting the AAX update! - but now they've gone one better releasing it in AU and VST format. One of the most expressive sounding analogue sounding delay plug-ins, which was very sought after back in the TDM days and I think the sound still stands up really well today and features many emulations of classic delay units. Line6 Echo Farm

AVID | ProTools Ultimate

AVID Pro Tools HD is no more! Not to worry, it's part of a rebranding and consolidation from AVID now into 3 types of Pro Tools Software:
  • Pro Tools First
  • Pro Tools
  • Pro Tools Ultimate
AVID ProTools Ultimate Pro Tools HD is now Pro Tools Ultimate, with the same functionality as HD but as AVID opened up interface compatibility options it makes sense to provide different software variations as not everybody will be getting an AVID i/o. HDX and HDNative card bundles have not changed except to include Pro Tools Ultimate software instead of HD Software. There are some bug fixes as well the full list is here from Pro Tools Expert.

TK Audio | BC1Ltd

The Swedish designed TK Audio BC1Ltd is a 10year anniversary version of their popular BC1 bus compressor with some extra features such as a THD switch for overdrive and the most user-requested 'Grab' functionality; allowing extra bite, aggressive crunch and compression. TK Audio are only doing a limited run of 100 units worldwide. tkaudio-bc1ltd-kmr