NAMM 2018 News | PART2

NAMM blog PT2 NAMM 2018 News | PART2

Part2 of our NAMM 2018 roundup of new and exciting products due this coming year... KMR NM Author Button

Overstayer | Modular Master

Overstayer Recording Equipment Inc showcased their new Modular Master MCS04 which is a compressor and EQ with a ceiling control that allows you to define the headroom without changing the gain. There's a passive 'Pultec type' EQ plus some contouring which is similar to the Emphasis circuit in the rest of the current Overstayer range and extra Harmonic / Drive controls. One we look forward to hearing! Price TBA More Info: Overstayer Recording Equipment | KMR
Overstayer Modular Master KMR Overstayer Modular Master | MCS04
Overstayer MM KMR1 Overstayer Modular Master | MCS04
Overstayer MM KMR2 Overstayer Modular Master | MCS04

Looptrotter Engineering | 500 Series Console

Looptrotter Engineering had a new 500-Series modular console on display (with some custom EQ modules lent by Sylvia Massy on the right-hand side). Featuring a dedicated centre section and routing, 6 auxs, Monitor control, Groups and Meterbridge - and starting from around $14k this looks like an interesting option should you want to create your own custom 500-Series console. More Info: Looptrotter Engineering | KMR
Looptrotter Desk KMR Looptrotter | 500-Series Custom Console
Looptrotter Centre Desk KMR Looptrotter | Console Centre Section
Looptrotter Desk KMR Looptrotter | Console Groups

Waldorf | Quantum

Waldorf had their amazing sounding Quantum Hybrid Polyphonic Synth on demonstration. Apart from it combining digital synthesis with analogue architecture, having 4 Synthesis types per 8 voice, 6 LFO's and 6 Envelopes per voice, two Analog Filters and 3 Digital looks to be shipping next month! Also on show was their 'String Machine' STVC. Price TBA. More Info: Waldorf | KMR
Waldorf Quantum KMR Waldorf | Quantum
Quantum KMR Waldorf | Quantum Screen
Waldorf Quantum | KMR Waldorf | Quantum Overview
File 28-01-2018, 09 24 56 Waldorf | STVC

Amphion | BaseTwo25's

Amphion were demonstrating their new BaseTwo25's (note the stack of amps to run this system and cross-over box on top). The BaseTwo is similar to the BaseOne but it has two 25cm woofers mounted in the sides, has more headroom and better response between 50-10hz. The opposing force of these drivers helps provide extra stability in the imaging of the Two18's when placed on top. Price TBA More Info: Amphion | KMR
BaseTwo KMR Amphion Amphion | BaseTwo25

Universal Audio | Arrow

Universal Audio showed products that are also shipping as I type. Firstly the Arrow, then the OX (which was previewed at SummerNAMM) and finally news of a Thunderbolt 3 Option Card for Apollo rackmounts which will begin shipping in Spring 2018. More Info: Universal Audio | KMR UA Arrow
  • Desktop 2x4 Thunderbolt 3-powered audio interface with class-leading 24-bit/192 kHz audio conversion
  • RealTime UAD-2 Solo Core Processing
  • Premium, no-compromise analogue reactive load box for tube guitar amps
  • 5 finely-tuned guitar amp attenuation levels — from off, to whisper quiet, to full band volume
  • Front-panel “Rig” control for instant, album-quality mic and speaker cabinet emulations
  • UA Dynamic Speaker Modeling emulates speaker breakup and cone cry
  • World-class Universal Audio EQ, compression, delay, and reverb effects built-in
  • Selectable 4, 8, and 16-Ohm operation
UA Thunderbolt 3 Option Card for Apollo
  • Thunderbolt 3 Option Card will provide Two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports for daisy-chaining Apollos or peripherals
  • Requires macOS Sierra/High Sierra or Windows 10 w/Anniversary (64-bit Edition)
  • Thunderbolt 3 bandwidth delivers up to 40 Gbps for connecting hard drives, dual 4K monitors etc
UA TB3 KMR Universal Audio | Thunderbolt 3 for Apollo

AVID | ProTools 2018

AVID has dropped the numerical updates to now go for a yearly number showing you which version of Pro Tools you are running. As we were at 12.8.3 perhaps the number 13 is unlucky, so from now on (for this year at least) Pro Tools will be called ProTools 2018 and have new updates such as:
      • Track Presets
      • Target Playlist for comping
      • Retrospective MIDI
      • iLOK Cloud
      • Mix Window EQ curve views
      • Easier Cloud Collaboration
      • Network Licensing (coming soon)
AVID PT2018 KMR AVID | ProTools 2018
More info covered in depth by the very useful AVID videos:

Studio Electronics | Boomstars

Studio Electronics were showcasing their NEW Boomstars More Info: Studio Electronics | KMR
Studio Electronics Boomstars KMR Studio Electronics | Boomstars

Apogee Electronics | 2x6 Special Edition

Apogee Electronics announced their new 2x6 Special Edition AD/DA module for their flagship Symphony MKII which has been designed specifically for Mastering Engineers, "offering the highest quality AD/DA conversion of any Apogee converter ever". Available in Thunderbolt or HD configurations. Apogee also released the Waves Sound Grid compatible Symphony MkII as well as the all-new DualPath FX Rack software. Designed specifically for the Ensemble Thunderbolt and Element audio interfaces. More Info: Apogee | KMR
Apogee 2x6 SE KMR Apogee | 2x6 SE Board
SIO-Mk-II-2x6-SE-Front-View Apogee | Symphony MKII SE
Apogee Dual Path | KMR Apogee | Dual Path FX

Coil Audio | CA-286

Coil Audio really caught our attention with their all valve designs and amazing metalwork. Their CA-286 Mic/Line amps are a two-stage amplifier based on circuits by Langevin, Collins, Gates and Telefunken during the 1950's and 1960's including EF86/6267 pentode valves. Available in the PS2 3u rack or the larger stunning 6 Channel PS6 rack. More Info:
CA286 PS6 AND PSU KMR Coil Audio | CA-286 + PS6 Rack + PSU
CA-286 and PS2 KMR Coil Audio | CA-286 and PS2 Rack
CA-286 PS6 SIDE KMR Coil Audio | CA-286 Side View
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