New Products from AES in LA


New Products from AES in LA

So it's that time of year where LA hosts the AES exhibition, and in the past this hasn't had too many new announcements, however, it seems 2016 is changing all that. Below is a roundup of some of the new intriguing product releases due imminently or later this year...

Slate Digital

Slate Digital | FG-STRESS Slate have announced three products, as well as a new subscription pricing plan. The first is the Official Emulation of the Empirical Labs Distressor for their modern VMR plug-in system. SLATE FG-STRESS Slate Digital | REPEATER In conjunction with D16, Slate have designed 'Not just a Delay - Every Delay ' in a new plug-in called REPEATER due very soon. Slate Repeater Slate Digital | VERBSUITE CLASSICS The third plug-in from Slate Digital is VERBSUITE CLASSICS, a plug-in designed in conjunction with Liquid Sonics providing 8 Classic Reverbs from the past 40 years. VERBSUITE CLASSICS Slate

API Audio

API Audio | Legacy AXS Console API Audio showcased their new Legacy AXS console available in 32 to 80 channels which still has the traditional API signal path but with a new updated feature set. API Legacy AXS Console API Audio | TranZformer Series Who doesn't want the sound of an API 525 feedback-type compressor with 3 Band EQ for their Guitar or Bass? API clearly think so as they've released two NEW TranZformer Series pedals, both featuring API's traditional signal path with transformer outputs. Price TBA API TranZformer Series

ATC Professional

ATC | SCM12Pro ATC have launched a new Passive Nearfield Monitor called the SCM12Pro, for small to medium-sized control rooms, which could also be suited for post production suites. At a price point of £1375 inc vat Per Pair - these are going to be very appealing. ATC SCM12Pro


elysia | mpressor 500 A very smart move by those wonderful German elysia designers has been to take their rack units and transfer them into the 500 series format. Their famous mpressor rack is now no exception, as they have just released the single channel mpressor 500. Price TBA around the 10th October - but rumour has it around $749 elysia mpressor 500


AEA | RPQ2 Ribbon Mic Pre & EQ NEW updated RPQ2 mic preamp featuring a new CurveShaper EQ and variable LF. The AEA low noise and high-resolution mic pre has an improved front panel facelift design as well as under the hood. RPQ2Front_FrontPanelIndications_2000px

Rupert Neve Designs

Rupert Neve Designs | Shelford Channel Featuring elements from the Shelford Series but now in a rack with a new Mic Pre, 5052 EQ and a Diode bridge compressor, variable Silk saturation and a dual-tap transfomer output this is one serious piece of sonic design. RND Shelford Channel


Solid-State-Logic | Nucleus2 Updated colour scheme ( also available in black I hope ?), and extra 'asked-for' features : adjustable Talkback input, TALK button, 2nd set of speaker monitor outputs and 'MINI' monitor button in the centre section for comparing mixes on different systems. New SSL Dante Network audio interface i/o has replaced the USB Soundcard, with built-in Network switch and two Ethernet ports. Available from November 2016 SSL-Nucleus2_overhead


Waves | Abbey Road Vinyl Plug-in Who doesn't like the sound of Vinyl Records? Well, clearly Waves thinks it's as good a sound as ever and have released their own Abbey Road endorsed Vinyl Plug-in featuring a complete modelling of the Mastering equipment used at the studio. With a turntable, control arm and choice of Acetate amongst many other tweaking functions, if it sounds as good as it looks this could be one to check out. Price to be announced. Waves Abbey Rd Vinyl


Apogee | Element Series Thunderbolt i/o Apogee’s NEW Element 24, 46 and 88 are Thunderbolt AD/DA audio I/o with mic preamps for Mac with streamlined hardware features without compromising that great Apogee sound. Apogee Elements I/O

Dynaudio Pro

Dynaudio Pro | M5P Evidence Mastering Speakers Dynaudio have released their Farfield Mastering monitor the M5P Evidence, which has a 5-way crossover and a frequency response of 28Hz-25kHz featuring ESOTAR Tweeters and the first studio monitor to feature the Dynaudio Directivity Control to reduce reflexions from floor and ceiling. A custom built no-compromise design. M5P By Nick Mitchell