ON DEMO @KMR: Rupert Neve 5088

KMR Berlin have just purchased a gorgeous Rupert Neve 5088 console and we're delighted to have it available for demo in our London store for a month on its journey between the States and Germany...

RND 5088 represents the culmination of Rupert Neve’s 50 years’ expertise in analogue audio equipment design. This no-compromise console delivers Neve’s signature sweet euphonic sonics with custom transformers on every input and output (including inserts), and high-voltage 90V circuitry for ultra-low crossover distortion and improved headroom. We have many consoles passing through KMR and 5088 immediately impresses with it's stunning build quality, comprehensive features and - most importantly - superlative sonics. This really is something special.

One of the unique aspects of the 5088 is its modular design. The 5088 is available with channel counts as low as 8 or as high as 96, so you can start small and expand the console as time goes on and your needs change.

All 5088’s are built to order and configuring the console is a straightforward process. For example, if we start with a standard 16 channel frame, here’s where the input modules are installed:

… and with group modules, monitor master section and faders added you have the basic desk setup:

You don’t need to add a meter bridge, but most people like having it:

As an example of how to customise this basic configuration, we could swap out half of the mono inputs with stereo input modules to create a 24-input  console in the same frame size:

If you don’t need mic preamps, 5088 can be configured without them but most people want at least a few mic-pres in their desk for tracking – and when they’re Neve pre’s, why wouldn’t you?  These are installed in the optional penthouse section. You don’t have to fill the whole thing, eg. here’s a short-loaded setup with 8 channels of 5052 Shelford ic Pre-amp & Inductor EQ modules:

Neve’s SwiftMix moving fader automation system can be added and if you need more channels, you can add 16-channel expanders with corresponding penthouse sections and grow your console over time:

Other options to consider include a producer desk, patchbay and space for a computer monitor:

And since the penthouse is essentially just a metal frame, you can integrate your your own outboard into the console - whether that's 500 series racks, 19” rack gear or even vintage modules from your old desk:


5088 allows you to achieve a custom console with everything you need and nothing you don't – a desk that can grow with your needs and still sound as good and be as relevant in 20 years’ time as it is today.