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KMR Audio are an official MPC Specialist Centre.

KMR Author Button TomLewis No doubt you've heard about the brand new MPC X and MPC Live, just like you - we can't wait to get our hands on them! Well good news, we at KMR Audio have been appointed as an official AKAI MPC Specialist Centre, meaning we're able to demonstrate both the MPC X and MPC live in store and offer our in depth knowledge into just what these beasties can do. We will have permanent demo stock of both MPC X and MPC Live on display and our resident Akai MPC Expert Tom Lewis (aka. me) is always on hand to talk you through the MPC range. AKAI_MPC_X_Features Those of you that have been to KMR Audio before know we've got quite a few semi-modular synths and also a large modular system on demo. Since the MPC X includes 8 CV and gate outputs, it goes way beyond the normal MPC domain; it works incredibly well with eurorack gear, our demo environment is perfect for seeing exactly what it can do! Plus with all those separate audio outputs, wouldn't it be nice to run some of those beats through some of our outboard? Yeah, I thought so too. The MPC Live, the battery powered beatmaking power house is also going to be on display. It too runs standalone just like the MPC X, running a full version of MPC 2.0 software internally. It features all the software and processing prowess of the MPC X, but in a smaller, more portable form factor. So why not come down and check out what the new MPC's are all about?!? By Tom Lewis