500 Series Bus Compressor Shootout

In this shootout, we compare five of our most popular 500 Series bus compressors. Use the Soundcloud player above to compare, or download the original audio files to check out in your own system. No talking, just audio so you can make up your own mind…

All modules were packed into two API 500-6B 6-slot lunchboxes. The track stems were played out of Pro Tools HDX with HD I/O converters into a SSL X-Desk. The compressors were then individually placed over the mix bus insert and the summed stereo file recorded back into Pro Tools. Compressor settings were judged by ear to suit the track, then edged slightly further to help emphasise the differences in character between the five compressors. Ratios were between 2:1 and 4:1 with Gain Reduction set at around 2 - 3dB. The raw .WAV audio files can be DOWNLOADED FROM HERE. Simply download the files, import them into your favourite DAW and audition through your own system.
The Compressors

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